CBD Drinks: Your Top Questions Answered 

Whether you’ve tried them or not, you’re probably somewhat familiar with CBD drinks. From sparkling waters, sodas, teas, and even coffee – there are many different kinds of CBD drinks on the market. However, many of these beverages are not shelf-stable making it easy for the CBD to separate and clump over time. Equilibria set out to create a different kind of CBD drink that not only tastes delicious, but also offers fast-acting, powerful effects. Enter Drink Drops, our limited-edition CBD drink enhancers featuring three tasty flavors and formulated with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD. Learn all about these CBD drinks for relaxation in our latest blog post!


Here, we rounded up five of our most asked questions regarding CBD drinks and Drink Drops Trio so you know exactly what to expect when trying our newest product.


CBD Drinks: Your Top Questions Answered


Can you safely exercise after drinking CBD?

CBD drinksStudies have shown that pairing CBD with exercise can amplify the endorphins in our bodies. One commonly known endocannabinoid receptor called Anandamide, is a chemical compound responsible for the “runner’s high” and CBD helps to keep Anandamide in the body! By bringing calm and balance, many have reported experiencing more mindfulness during their exercise. That said, everyone is unique, so it’s best to consult your physician when adding anything to your daily and exercise routine.



Best CBD drinks to replace alcohol

CBD is becoming a popular alcohol alternative to provide calming support for winding down at the end of the day or at social gatherings without negative effects like sleep interruptions. With our new Drink Drops, you can now create your own beverages to replace your favorite cocktail. Featuring three delicious flavors: Sunrise Citrus, Orchard Berry, and White Peach, you can simply mix them into water or you can get creative and create a tasty mocktail. Drink Drops offer shelf-stable, ready-to-use CBD, making it superior to canned CBD Drinks that may separate and clump over time. You’re essentially carrying around 20 fresh cans of CBD drink in one portable bottle!



CBD drinks for relaxation

CBD drinksStress can negatively impact your body’s balancing systems and relaxation is a desirable goal for many when it comes to getting out of a fight-or-flight response that can be experienced with high levels of stress. CBD, in general, is recommended to be used on a daily basis to provide sustained balance. The goal is for CBD to become a proactive measure, rather than a reactionary one. That said, your dose has a lot to do with the amount of stress your body is experiencing so an additional dosage may be necessary from time to time. In moments of unexpected stress, quick-acting CBD is preferable. Methods such as drinking can provide faster, in-the-moment relief compared to normal ingestibles such as a capsule or gummy, which are beneficial for baseline support. CBD Drinks may be particularly effective for relaxation due to their quick onset as a result of their high bioavailability.



What do CBD beverages taste like?

CBD generally tends to have an earthy, hempy, or bitter after taste, no matter the method you consume it. However, Drink Drops are formulated using a technique known as Molecular Dispersion which breaks down CBD molecules and pre-dissolves them into a water solution before they enter the body. While the smaller molecules provide a higher bioavailability and quicker onset of action, it also provides a less noticeable flavor. Drinks Drops have been carefully flavored to bring you a pleasurable experience without the overwhelmingly earthy or bitter taste of many other CBD beverages.



Side effects of CBD drinks

The World Health Organization (WHO) released an extensive report assessing the safety of CBD and revealed a good safety profile that is overall well-tolerated. That said, CBD has a biphasic effect, which means that too little – or too much – has the potential to be ineffective or cause side effects. These side effects may depend on your body chemistry and are different for everyone, but they most commonly present as drowsiness, nausea, headaches, or dry eyes or throat. When it comes specifically to consuming CBD in the form of a beverage, it’s important to note that it may absorb more quickly into the bloodstream resulting in a more immediate effect. The time it takes to sip a beverage may affect the onset time as well, so assessing CBD effects when drinking is important, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your optimal dosages for therapeutic benefits.