CBD for Muscle Recovery: Here’s What You Should Know

Regular exercise doesn’t just help you feel your best physically, but also provides benefits for your mental health as well. In addition to keeping your body healthy and at lower risk of a variety of health concerns, exercise also helps with mood, by releasing endorphins and anandamide (often referred to as the “bliss molecule”). It’s well-known that exercise should be a regular part of your daily routine, but did you know that Equilibria CBD can aid in helping you get the most out of your workout — before, during, and after? Here’s everything you need to know about CBD for muscle recovery. 


CBD for Muscle Recovery: Here’s What You Should Know


CBD for muscle recovery: How can it help? 

CBD For Muscle Recovery

CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is the system involved in regulating many of your body’s functions, including cognitive function, sleep, discomfort, mood, and memory. Taking CBD for muscle recovery may help reduce post-workout soreness and alleviate exercise-induced aches and tension and allow you to make the most of your workout without discomfort during downtime. Although the effects are still being studied, research has shown that CBD may aid in alleviating post-exercise discomfort in athletes, making it a great option for relieving soreness after working out.


Pre and post-exercise benefits

CBD For Muscle RecoveryNo matter what your workout of choice happens to be, you can experience the benefits of CBD throughout your exercise routine. Taking a dose of our Daily Drops prior to your workout can help improve your focus and support a more relaxed state, allowing you to work out longer and potentially avoid minor injuries caused due to tension. Daily Softgels taken at night can support a more restful sleep cycle, giving you the next-day energy you need for a productive workout. 


Topical formulations of CBD for muscle recovery can deliver relief right to the areas that need it most, soothing muscle and joint soreness and easing the aches that result from a good workout. Many of our members report that a combination of topical CBD and CBD taken orally can help reduce the amount of time they spend recovering from discomfort and aches, as well as helping with focus and centeredness while working out. 


Choose the formulation that’s right for you

CBD For Muscle RecoveryOnce you’ve decided to add CBD for muscle recovery into your exercise routine, Equilibria offers a number of choices for topical use:

  • Our new Recovery Roll-On lets you go from sore to restored with our full-spectrum CBD oil working together with menthol and white willow bark to provide a fast-absorbing, quick-dry method to soothe sore muscles and joints, letting you get back to your day without post-workout soreness getting in the way.*
  • Nothing beats a warm, relaxing bath to soak away tension and soreness. Our Mindful Mineral Soak relaxes aches away with a blend of single-source, hand-harvested CBD, Mediterranean and Dead Sea salts, and jasmine and gardenia essential oils.* 
  • Our Relief Balm combines premium CBD oil with arnica and menthol for quick relief from discomfort and aches. Lavender and rosemary essential oils contribute both aromatherapeutic benefits as well as soothing properties, while shea butter smoothes and softens skin.*


If you’re just starting out with a new form of movement or exercise, introducing CBD into your routine offers benefits beyond alleviating soreness, including improved focus, support for a more restful sleep cycle, and an uplifted mood. A combination of a daily routine of CBD taken orally as well as topical CBD can keep you feeling balanced throughout even the toughest workout. 


Not sure where to start? Our Member Education Team is here to help! During you Wellness Coaching Session, your Certified Wellness Coach will answer your questions, help you figure out what formulations are best for you, and offer suggestions to fine-tune your routine to meet your needs. Schedule your Wellness Coaching Session here.



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