How Our Certified Wellness Coaches Use Gummies In Their Daily Routine

From starting your morning with a balanced mood to relaxing at home as you enjoy your evening show, we believe your CBD daily routine can and should be enjoyable, effective, and delicious. We have taken your favorite Daily Gummies and have made them even better!


Daily Routine
Rachel Martin @helloherblog

With a new, juicier texture and flavor, our improved CBD gummies are an easy and consistent way to add CBD support to your routine regardless of if you are a beginner or a seasoned user. Whether you are only looking to only use one product or want to layer your products throughout your day, the Daily Gummies will become a go-to way to incorporate full-spectrum CBD-infused gummies into your daily routine.  


Our CBD experts are here to support you throughout your CBD journey and find a personalized CBD routine that fits your health goals and your lifestyle. Below, our Certified Wellness Coaches share their own personalized routines and recommendations, and why the Daily Gummies are a favorite way to enjoy dynamic and flexible dosing. 


How Our Certified Wellness Coaches Use Daily Gummies


Amanda’s #MyEQ Daily Routine

    • AM: 1 Daily Gummy (10mg) or 1 full dropper (10mg/1mL) of the Daily Drops
    • PM: 1 full dropper (10mg/1mL) of the Daily Drops
    • PM:  Relief Balm
    • As needed: 1 Daily Softgel (10mg) 

Amanda has a very dynamic day-to-day routine that focuses on her daily dose while being flexible with how she takes her products. Depending on what type of support she is needing in the morning, Amanda alternates between taking her Daily Drops for quick support with its faster onset, or her Daily Gummies for more extended, subtle support. Being a long-time CBD user with more complex health goals, Amanda’s ability to adjust her dose with the Daily Gummies allows her to listen to her body more to make the best choice for what her body needs in-the-moment. 


Sydney’s #MyEQ Daily RoutineDaily Routine

    • AM: 1 Daily Gummy (10mg) 
    • PM: 1 Daily Softgel (10mg) with dinner 
    • As-Needed: ½ Dropper (5mg/0.5mL) of the Daily Drops

For Sydney, the Daily Gummy is the foundation of her routine. She loves the flexibility of the Daily Gummy to offer her support during her workday. With the Daily Gummy, Sydney is able to adjust the timing of when she takes her first dose to provide her focus support during peak task moments during her day without sacrificing a faster onset and longer period of support. “If my meetings are concentrated in the morning, I’ll take the Daily Gummy before work, but if most of my meetings are in the afternoon, I’ll push it back a bit to provide me more support later in the day.” 


Timing is an amazing tool when it comes to personalizing your CBD dose.


Daily RoutineTypically, our Daily Gummies kick in in about 30 minutes to 1 hour and last between 4-6 hours. This can help you decide when and how to best personalize your dose, so you can feel empowered knowing you have options when it comes to taking on whatever comes your way, each day! 

With a new and improved look and taste, we are excited for you to try our Daily Gummies. If you are just starting out, check out our intro piece on how to add Daily Gummies into your routine. For some extra tips on how to get the most out of your Daily Gummies, read on!

When it comes to options, Gummies offer dynamic, flexible dosing. That means, depending on how you treat your Gummy, the onset time and how long the effects last can vary: 


For faster support:

If you are wanting a faster onset, treat the Daily Gummy like a hard candy and allow it to dissolve in your mouth without chewing. Since our gummies are infused, as the gummy breaks down in your mouth, the oils are absorbed similarly to how the Daily Drops work. This may provide a faster onset of support, but a shorter span of how long the effects last. 


For longer support: 

For a longer, sustained support, chew the Daily Gummy slightly and then swallow bigger pieces.  Because you are chewing the Daily Gummy less, the benefit here is that the effects tend to last longer as it is broken down through the digestive process. 


For an even balance of support:

For a faster onset and for a bit longer support, you can try splitting your gummy in half. Chew the first piece minimally and then swallow. As this ½  goes through the digestive tract, it will act as a sustained release. For the second ½, treat it like hard candy to allow the CBD to be absorbed into your sublingual glands for faster absorption.


If you have questions about how to get started with the Daily Gummies or how to add them to your existing routine, we are here to help and get you started! You can set up a consultation with one of our Certified Wellness Coaches and they can provide some support with adjusting your routine, or you can email our team at if you have any questions!