If you’re reading this, you’ve likely decided to take the plunge into your CBD journey. Congrats! Your journey will ultimately lead you to a life of balance, and we’re here to guide you along the way. Before you begin, you might be wondering where to start in terms of dosing. Every woman’s body is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all CBD dose and it may take some time and experimentation to discover your unique CBD regimen. 


To get you started, here are a few tips to refer to when introducing CBD to your lifestyle.


Getting Started With Your New CBD Routine


Start Low and Slow

Getting Started With Your New CBD RoutineWe recommend using the low and slow method and working your way up to find your perfect dose. Start with a 10mg dose of CBD using our Daily Drops or Softgel capsule in the evening. Then increasing your daily dose as needed to achieve your ideal dose. 


We also highly recommend keeping a journal so you know when and how your body reacts to dosage changes. That way, when you find your sweet spot you’ll know it!


If you’ve been trying CBD for about a week and aren’t seeing the results you want, that’s ok! We typically recommend trying your CBD products for around 7 days with the 10mg dose, then meeting with your Dosage Specialist to talk about your experience so far and make any changes. CBD does take time to build up in your system, so whether or not you start out with the right routine — this is not wasted time! We love seeing positive results in the first 1-3 weeks but often see the BEST results after 2-3 months


Pace Yourself

The full effects of CBD may only remain in your system for 4-12 hours, so it’s important to be thoughtful and consistent with your CBD intake. The goal is to maximize the strength and effectiveness of the body’s Endocannabinoid System. Consider your health goals to determine the best time of day to take your CBD–you may find it’s best to dose at night before bed, and again in the morning during breakfast.


If you’re looking for a better night’s rest our dosage specialists suggest a dose at bedtime as CBD can have a sedative effect when taken at night from amplifying your own body’s melatonin. Take 1 Full Dropper within 30 minutes of bed. For the best absorption, take two smaller 1/2 droppers back-to-back (5mg/0.5mL).


If you’re looking to promote energy and focus, our dosage team recommends taking smaller doses (like 1/4 Dropper or 1/2 Dropper) throughout the daytime which can also be a great stress management tool.


Whether you’re starting out with our Daily Drops, Daily Softgels, or are going the topical route with our Relief Cream,  It’s also important to know that different delivery methods produce different results.


Daily drops are held under the tongue for only a few seconds.

In a few minutes, they absorb into your bloodstream and you feel the effects. But they tend to move quickly out of your system 3-8 hours later.


Ingested softgel capsules absorb more slowly since they need to pass through your digestive system.

That means they also last longer: between 5-12 hours!


Topically-applied creams and balms absorb in minutes.

The effect can last several hours, too! Remember, our Relief Cream does not enter the bloodstream the same way CBD does when you orally ingest it, so you can use it as frequently as you’d like on problem areas without it counting towards your daily dose.


Consistency is Key

Getting Started With Your New CBD RoutineCBD works best when you use it every single day. Think of it as a vitamin – you wouldn’t take it on random days and expect it to work. This is because CBD, like all cannabinoids, builds up in the body over time. A daily dose can help maintain sustained levels in your system and promote a more effective Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a biological system that has shown to help control sleep, mood, inflammation, and overall homeostasis (a body’s state of balance). So it’s important to keep it in top condition! 


While most of our members at Equilibria report improved mood, reduced mental strain, and better sleep within their first few weeks; many benefits of a highly functioning Endocannabinoid System are not fully experienced right away.  


Talk With Your Very Own Dosage Specialist

At Equilibria, we take the responsibility of personalized self-care seriously. And we see CBD education as a first step toward helping our members lead healthier lives. With our Dosage Support service, you can work one-on-one with experienced cannabis professionals to find your ideal CBD regimen, through phone and/or email. 


To gain access to our exclusive Dosage Support Team, simply purchase any item from our shop page, and upon arrival of your first box, you’ll be introduced to our Dosage Specialists. If you’re not yet a member, you can email dosage@myeq.com with basic questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


We understand that educating ourselves about CBD and the products we put in our bodies can feel overwhelming at times, especially with all the information out there. That’s why Equilibria is working hard to keep it simple and straightforward. Learn more at www.myeq.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for fresh content!