3 Ways To Relieve Jaw Discomfort using CBD

3 Ways To Relieve Jaw Discomfort using CBD

Self-care and stress management to help relax both your mind and your jaw is the key to relieving this tension. As we know, CBD is a great tool to add into your daily routine to help minimize stress levels. Read more
What every woman should know about the ECS

What Every Woman Should Know About The ECS

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for promoting homeostasis within the body. Here you’ll find everything you should know about the ECS and how it functions from our guest writer and ECS expert, Dr. Lakisha. Read more
Don't like the taste of CBD oil? Try these tips.

Don’t Like The Taste of CBD? Try These Tips

One downside of a tincture is that some folks just don’t love the taste. Here’s what to do if you don’t enjoy the “hemp” taste of ingestible CBD oil. Read more
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What Are Terpenes? Everything You Need To Know

With terms such as “CBD” and “THC” becoming mainstream, you may have also heard the word “terpene” thrown around. Here’s everything you need to know about the world of terpenes. Read more

FAQ’s We Receive During Support Calls

Starting a new routine can be overwhelming and you might have a ton of questions. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of the frequently asked questions we receive during dosage calls. Read more
Skeptical about CBD?

Why Full Spectrum CBD?

While Full Spectrum CBD is not for everyone, science shows that this type of formulation is often the most effective at the lowest doses; and here at Equilibria, science is the name of the game.  Read more
Why Isnt CBD Working For Me

Why Isn’t CBD Working For Me…But It’s Working For My Friend?

CBD takes time to build up in the body and show its effects. When we’re talking with our members, we often get asked “When will CBD start working for me? I’ve tried it for a couple of nights and nothing has happened”. If this sounds like you, don’t stress!  Read more
Unwinding with CBD Vs. Alcohol

Unwinding with CBD Vs. Alcohol

Now is the time to build a new healthy after-work habit. Here’s a self-care routine to help you unwind using CBD vs alcohol that won’t leave you tired & grumpy the next morning. Read more
Skeptical about CBD?

Skeptical about CBD? You should be. Here’s why not all CBD products are created equal.

We are more conscious than ever about what they put into (and onto) our bodies. From organic to gluten-free to vegan and clean labeling, the food industry embraced informative labeling years ago in an effort to educate and sell consumers on the superiority of the ingredients in their products. Read more