Learn The Science Behind Our CBD Drink Enhancers

When it comes to finding the best CBD on the market, you may look at clean ingredients and potency of cannabinoid contents. But have you ever considered how the science behind each formulation sets a product apart? While drink enhancers, CBD drinks, and nanotechnology aren’t new to the market, Equilibria has set out to create something different for our members – enter CBD Drink Drops. In partnership with SUM Biotech, our patent-pending Drink Drops use a technique called molecular dispersion, a technique providing pre-dissolved, water-soluble cannabinoids for lightning-fast onset and powerful absorption. For our curious and science-minded members, here’s a breakdown of the innovative biotechnology behind Drink Drops and how it compares to similar products on the market.


Drink Drops 101: Learn The Science Behind Our CBD Drink Enhancers


How Increasing Bioavailability Maximizes The Effects of Your CBD

CBD Drink

One important component for formulating a CBD product is its bioavailability. Bioavailability is the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the body, which therefore affects the time it takes to kick in as well as the length of duration. Bioavailability is top of mind when it comes to offering a wide range of delivery methods, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, and use cases. 


Studying the pharmacokinetics of a substance can also help us understand the role that our body plays in the metabolization and absorption of supplements, medicines, and food that we ingest. The process we know as digestion allows our body to break down molecules to a small enough size where they can be best utilized. In the case of CBD, it’s helpful to explore how it will be broken down by the body before it is readily available to be absorbed into the bloodstream, which influences how well the body can use it, and also informs dosing.


Knowing that CBD and cannabinoids are naturally lipophilic (fat-loving) and the body is very much a hydrophilic (water-loving) environment, there are several obstacles to overcome when it comes to oil absorbing into water. Applying this knowledge to different CBD delivery methods, our CBD Drink Drops minimize the amount of CBD that needs to be broken down before it can take effect. This is what gives you a rapid onset of about 10-15 minutes! 


Enter Nanotechnology, Water-Soluble CBD, And Molecular Dispersion

CBD DrinkSo how do we formulate CBD to be water-soluble and readily available for our body’s water-loving environment? Where you may have already heard of nano-emulsified water-soluble CBD, most of these formulas are essentially just broken down CBD oil mixed with water and stabilized with an additional ingredient. 


If you’ve tried other CBD drink enhancers, you may notice cloudiness in your beverage. This can indicate larger molecules that still need to be broken down in the body before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. While this can increase absorption, weak emulsions can break and become unstable over time. For example, canned beverages may essentially become sparkling water with clumped CBD oil! 


Using Patent-Pending Technology with our exclusive partner SUM Biotech, Equilibria’s CBD Drink Drops have taken nanotechnology a step further from other water-soluble formulas. Fast-acting results from our innovative molecular dispersion formula are achieved by removing the oil base “middle-man” and pre-dissolving the CBD into water. This allows the CBD to be broken down into even smaller molecules, where it can passively absorb into the bloodstream through GI mucosa (the gastrointestinal lining that plays a role in absorption). In short – no further metabolization is necessary before CBD Drink Drops effects take place, so you’ll start to feel calm even sooner! 


When giving our Drink Drops a try, you’ll notice that natural colors (dyed with blueberries, carrots, apples, radish, and turmeric) will provide a beautiful hue to your beverage. However, the maintained clarity of the liquid visually demonstrates the difference from other cloudy beverage enhancers, indicating smaller molecule sizes. As a true solution, there is no concern for the CBD to clump over time, essentially giving you the ability to carry 20 fresh cans of CBD drink in one portable bottle!


Comparing CBD Drink Drops To Our Daily Product Line

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Because Drink Drops are designed for a quick onset, they also yield a shorter duration of about 2-3 hours, which means they are best used a booster to your daily CBD routine. While increased bioavailability is a fantastic option for an on-the-go boost of calm, we always recommend using Drink Drops in addition to your longer-lasting baseline routine builders like the Daily Drops, Daily Gummies, or Daily Softgels.


Drink Drops are best used in those peak moments of unexpected stress, similar to the Rapid Calming Melts. While one serving (~½ tsp or one firm squeeze) brings you approximately 5mg of CBD, the freedom to flavor your beverage to your liking may be more suited for seasoned CBD users.


If you are starting your CBD journey, we encourage you to take our quiz to find the right starting routine for your unique needs. Also consider our daily products, where you can begin to understand your body’s optimal dosages for therapeutic benefits! For more information on where to start with CBD, check out this blog post on types of CBD or reach out to our Member Education Team at wellness@myeq.com.