We’re going to deep dive into the top questions asked and the answers shared to help you better understand what CBD can do for you.
  At our latest Equilibria 101 virtual meet-up, Co-Founder, Coco Meers, and Head of Member Support, Maia Reed, had the opportunity to connect with new EQ community members who have questions about CBD. Coco and Maia shared all about Equilibria’s mission to help women restore and maintain balance, the many amazing effects cannabidiol can have on our bodies, the role our dosage specialists have in finding the right routine for YOU, and most importantly addressed the questions and concerns attendees had regarding the daily use of CBD. If you missed out – no fear, because we’re going to deep dive into the top 5 questions asked and the answers shared during our EQ 101 Meetup to help you better understand what CBD can do for you.  

The Top 5 Questions Asked During Our EQ 101 Meetup


1. I experience frequent headaches. What Equilibria doses should I take?

If you experience frequent headaches, Maia recommends rubbing Equilibria Relief Cream on the site of the ache whether that be on your neck, your temples, or even near your jaw if you suffer from TMJ syndrome. As always, we suggest talking with one of our dosage specialists to find a routine that will deliver the results you’re looking for.   

2. I was recently diagnosed with a uterine fibroid condition that gives me grief around my cycle. What would be the recommended dosage for this kind of discomfort?

The Top 5 Questions Asked During Our EQ 101 MeetupA great place to start if you have acute discomfort of any kind is The Brilliance Box. This includes the Softgels, Relief Cream, and Daily Drops for consistent relief all day long. In the morning, Maia recommends taking a Softgel as it provides a slow drip of CBD to your body for up to 12 hours, and then using the Daily Drops and Relief Cream to manage the spikes of discomfort you may experience throughout the day.  

3. I’m aware that Equilibria’s full spectrum CBD has .3% of THC in it. Does that mean it will get me high? 

The short answer is no. The .3% of the THC in full-spectrum CBD is there so you can reap the full benefits. THC and the other components that make up full-spectrum CBD work synergistically to amplify one another. To get even more technical, CBD is one of over 150 naturally-occurring compounds (aka “cannabinoids”) found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. The Cannabis Sativa plant is bred and grown in two different ways:  
  • As “industrial hemp” with less than 0.3% THC content. Which makes it a completely federally legal agricultural crop in the U.S. 
  • As “marijuana” with up to 30% THC content. THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis. And in higher amounts (more than 5%) it causes the intoxicating “high” effect.
  Therefore, .3% of THC cannot get you high. For more information on the basics of CBD, we highly recommend reading this helpful blog post.  

The Top 5 Questions Asked During Our EQ 101 Meetup4. I have chronic discomfort issues. How long should I stay on regular strength products before I graduate to extra strength products?

When people are experiencing chronic discomfort, Maia typically recommends taking a larger CBD dose which varies from person to person. She suggests sticking with regular strength products for at least one month and setting up an appointment with one of our dosage specialists before your next product shipment so they can help you adjust your routine accordingly. However, if you are not feeling any effects after 30 days of consistent use, that’s likely an indication you’ll need to bump yourself up to extra strength products.  

5. I have trouble sleeping at night. How can EQ help and how do I get started?

If you have trouble staying asleep throughout the night Maia recommends taking a Daily Softgel in the evening. If it’s more about winding down at night and falling asleep, taking the Daily Drops would be more ideal. However, using both products in tandem – one Softgel after dinner and one half or one whole dropper right before bed – can be very effective in easily falling asleep and staying asleep during the night.  
We can’t express enough how important and beneficial it is to talk to our CBD specialists who are there for you!
  We love being able to connect with our community and share valuable knowledge around CBD. Because there is so much information to take in, it can be hard to find the right product and routine that best fits your needs. We can’t express enough how important and beneficial it is to talk to our CBD specialists who are there for you! Our Dosage Support Team’s goal is to provide our customers with one-on-one education and expertise, so you can make the right choices for your health. Ready to find a routine that’s right for you? Get started with our products and book your call with a Dosage Specialist!