Top 5 Hacks for using our CBD Face Oil

Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Dosage Specialist or check out this article.

What can make your favorite product even better? Finding out even more ways it can benefit you! EQ’s Daily Treatment Oil is our multi-purpose, multi-benefit CBD face oil, with 500 mg of our premium full-spectrum CBD per bottle. A combination of seven powerful botanicals, Daily Treatment Oil is sure to be a must-have product in your skin care routine. 


Equilibria Daily Treatment Oil Bottle in grassDaily Treatment Oil is formulated to address a variety of skin conditions and concerns, and we’ve found that there’s almost no end to the ways you can use this nourishing botanical blend. We asked our team members for their favorite hacks for using Daily Treatment Oil — you might find a new way to love this classic favorite!

1. Hydrate scalp and dry hair

You already know that Daily Treatment Oil is a hydrating, nourishing CBD face oil, but don’t forget that your scalp needs skin care, too! A dry, tight, or itchy scalp needs extra care, and the hydrating botanicals in Daily Treatment Oil are up for the job. Massage the oil into your scalp with your fingertips and let ingredients including hand-harvested CBD, olive squalane, and grapeseed oil provide necessary soothing moisture. Is your hair feeling dry as well? Work a few drops into damp or dry hair to smooth and hydrate damaged ends.

2. Soothe dehydrated, irritated skin after sun exposureEquilibria Daily Treatment Oil Bottle

Summertime means it’s easy to overdo it in the sunshine. If your skin is paying the price from too much time outside, reach for Daily Treatment Oil to soothe and nourish any spots you might have missed when applying sunscreen. Powerful botanicals like evening primrose and grapefruit oils along with our premium CBD help calm irritated skin while protecting it during the healing process. 

3. Nourish dry cuticles

Dry, ragged cuticles can be unsightly and often painful. Healthy, moisturized cuticles protect your nails as they grow and can help strengthen your nails and aid in nail growth. Make cuticle care part of a relaxing nail care ritual that you’ll look forward to; soak your fingers in warm water, gently push back cuticles with a birchwood stick, and massage in a drop of Daily Treatment Oil before moisturizing your hands.

4. Use as an aroma oil

One thing that we hear over and over from our members is how much they love the smell of Daily Treatment Oil! Make this light, calming aroma your signature scent; the oil base helps the scent last and is great for your skin as a bonus. Apply to pulse points at the neck, wrists, and behind the ears for a subtle, plant-derived aroma that you’ll love.

Equilibria Daily Treatment Oil Bottle on vanity5. Calm stressed, splotchy skin

We all have times when our skin just won’t behave. When you’re faced with red, stressed skin, it’s Daily Treatment Oil to the rescue! Sweet almond oil helps support a more even skin tone, while olive squalane and our full-spectrum CBD nourish and calm stressed skin. Our members report improved skin tone and healthy-looking skin with regular use of Daily Treatment Oil.

If you’re looking for a new CBD face oil, Daily Treatment Oil is your secret weapon. Find out more about this powerhouse topical or any of our other premium CBD products by booking a call or emailing our Dosage Support Team. Our one-on-one support is here to make sure you find the CBD routine that works best for your life and your specific concerns.