Taking your first step into ingestible CBD can be intimidating, especially because hemp-derived CBD is a federally unregulated product. New brands are free to pop up every day with no obligation to test their products for actual CBD content, consistency among batches, or even safety…we understand the hesitation. While quality and consistency are everything to us at Equilibria (everything we do is with an eye towards getting the best product possible, read here for more), you may just feel most comfortable beginning your CBD journey with topical products. A great way to get started is with our new Body Box featuring 3 of our best-selling, most loved topicals. 


Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our topical-only Body Box and the artfully crafted products included in it to relieve, renew, and restore your body with the power of full-spectrum, hand-harvested CBD.


Unsure about ingestible CBD? Try our new Body Box

Featuring Relief Cream, Daily Treatment Oil, and Mindful Mineral Soak, The Body Box was created with those in mind who not only are new to CBD or skeptical about ingesting it but for those who experience muscle soreness, ovarian/uterine discomfort, headache, arthritis, dry skin, skin inflammation and more. 


Relief Cream

Great for easing sore muscles after a workout, cramps during that time of the month, and muscle tension, Relief Cream is perfect for targeting local discomfort and can be used multiple times a day as needed. With 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, Arnica, Menthol, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Shea Butter, Relief Cream absorbs in about 30 minutes and the effects can last hours. 


We recommend using Relief Cream by massaging into sore areas, starting with a pea-sized amount and adding as needed. 


Unsure about ingestible CBD? Learn About Our New Body Box


Daily Treatment Oil

Our first face and body oil is formulated with nothing but 500mg full-spectrum CBD and seven nutrient-rich botanicals including Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Evening Primrose, Olive Squalane, Grapefruit Oil, and Litseas Oil. We left out skin irritants like parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances so your skin is left feeling hydrated, soft, and happy.


We love using this multi-purpose oil as the last step in our skincare routines to lock in moisture, on cuticles, and to soothe any other dry and irritated areas. No matter where you decide to apply it, keep in mind that daily, consistent use is key to maximizing results.


Mindful Mineral Soak

Boasting over 30 minerals, this powerful soak is delicately infused with 200mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD to purify and destress. Gardenia and Jasmine aromatic oil blends nourish skin and invigorate senses with modern floral and grapefruit notes. 


Simply pour ¼ of the bag into a warm bath and enjoy. Since Mindful Mineral Soak is salt-based, it’s a great tool for sore muscle relief. One bag included enough salts for 4x baths to relax and de-stress.


If you’re not a bath person, our Dosage Specialists recommend plugging up your drain and adding the salts to your shower — the entire bathroom will smell amazing and your feet will get to soak up all the relief!


All 3 of these topicals can be powerful tools for fast relief and because they do not enter the bloodstream the same way CBD does when you orally ingest it, they’re perfectly safe to use as frequently as you’d like. If you still have questions about topicals or CBD in general, our Dosage Support Team is here to help! Every Equilibria purchase grants you access to your very own Dosage Specialist who you can get in touch with through unlimited email support or phone if you’re looking for a more personalized approach. No matter the method you choose, our Dosage Specialists are here to educate, support, and guide you in evolving your routine to fit your needs. Not yet a member, but still have questions? Contact us anytime and we will do our best to answer them.


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