Well, 2020 has sure given us a lot of opportunities to practice patience, hasn’t it? 
Between staying on top of our physical and mental wellbeing, juggling our work/life balance, tackling new technology like Zoom, or homeschooling programs with the kids — there’s never been a greater need for peace and calm.  
With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may feel like “peace” and “calm” are the furthest things from describing your real life.  And if that’s how you feel — that’s 100% OK — just know that you are not alone!  
Unwinding with CBD Vs. AlcoholAs a Dosage Specialist for Equilibria, my role is to listen to our Members’ health goals and recommend CBD products and routines that might help.  In 2020, the main reasons people are trying CBD is because they:
  • want to feel less-reactive to stress during the day
  • want to wind-down after a busy day at work 
  • want to get better quality of rest at night 

Unwinding with CBD vs Alcohol

This year, a big topic of conversation is “How can I create a healthy work/life balance?”  and “What is a healthy way to unwind and decompress after a long day?”  
If you find yourself asking these questions –or find yourself wishing you could bust out your new bottle of wine at 4 pm — then this post is for you.  
With winter approaching, now is the perfect time to recommit to our health and wellbeing by taking extra good care of ourselves.  Self-care can come in many forms — and from what I’ve noticed in my own life — dedicating even just a few minutes a day can make a big impact. Showing up daily is what matters.  
For many women, our typical coping mechanisms are gone.  Maybe your favorite gym or yoga studio has shut down.  Maybe you miss your daily commute to and from work and find yourself missing that alone-time for processing your thoughts.  With so many folks working from home, our typical signals for starting and stopping work are gone. So now we have to rely on our own coping skills to develop a good work/life balance.   

A good day tomorrow starts with planning NOW! 

It’s important to set yourself up for success the best that you can. That way you can hit the ground running tomorrow.  Sure you may have had a completely horrible day. But is a bottle of alcohol really the best approach for unwinding? I’ve heard from many women this year that they’re leaning on alcohol more than they’d like to. We certainly don’t judge.  I know this year has been one of the hardest years in history. But it’s times like these where building healthy habits can really pay off down the road. 
Many women have told me that they enjoy their cocktails and wine for a few hours in the evening. But then their sleep suffers from drinking so much alcohol. Maybe 1 or 2 glasses turns into 4 or 5. I’ve heard time and time again “Wine helps me unwind. But then I find that I have very fitful sleep and wake up in a bad place in the morning. And that starts the stress-cycle all over again” 
If this sounds familiar to you, now is the time to build a new healthy after-work habit.  That way, when stress starts to ramp up again, you’ll have a plan in place for tackling it with ease and grace. 
Here’s a self-care routine that will set you up for success without leaving you tired & grumpy the next morning: 

After Work

Unwinding with CBD Vs. AlcoholConsider pairing your Daily Drops with a small amount of exercise.  Try taking 1/2 Dropper (5mg/0.5mL) of Daily Drops about 15 minutes before your workout.  Be sure to hold the Drops in your mouth for about a minute. That way they can absorb properly through the sublingual glands in your mouth.  
Then do some kind of movement for 15 minutes.  This doesn’t have to be anything fancy!  If you’re cooped up in a tiny apartment or are afraid to leave your building, then do a quick work out right where you are.  
Here are some ideas: 15 minutes of push-ups 15 minutes of walking up and down the stairs  15 minutes of jogging in place or jumping jacks (yes, really! This counts) 15 minutes of yoga or Pilates 15 minutes on your Peloton/stationary bike  15 minutes of a Zumba dance party

CBD To Maximize Your Workout

Studies also show that pairing CBD up with exercise can amplify the endorphins in our body.  Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals that we release when we exercise.  Endorphins are WHY people work out — to experience that spike in Dopamine and Anandamide (sometimes called “the Bliss Molecule”). Anandamide is the chemical compound responsible for that “runner’s high” feeling that we feel after a really hearty workout and CBD helps to keep Anandamide in the body.  
All of these feel-good chemicals help us respond better to stress, feel less discomfort, and experience deeper sleep.   For me, I like to shut my laptop, take 1/2 Dropper (5mg/0.5mL) of my Daily Drops. And then go for a quick walk around the block.  Usually, by the time I get home, I feel in a much better head-space.  It really helps me process my thoughts from the day and transition into my evening activities.  You might find a quick workout to be a nice “reset” button!  After your quick workout, tend to whatever you need to get done.  Make supper, help the kids with their homework, finish those last few emails, FaceTime your family — and see if you find yourself feeling a little calmer and grounded.  Many women find that a small dose of Drops pre-evening time helps them feel more patient and present with their family.  Personally, I find that my worries have turned down a notch, and I’m not worrying, scheming, and planning frantically for the next day.  

CBD Bath For Mindfulness

Unwinding with CBD Vs. AlcoholNext, you might consider unwinding with a luxurious CBD-enriched bath.  Try one of our Balancing Bath Bombs or Mindful Mineral Soak with 50mg CBD.  I like to use the Bath Bombs for nights where I have plenty of time and want a spa-like experience for unwinding and de-stressing.  The Bath Bombs come with the most amazing scents: Cardamom Rose and Lavender Lemongrass — and I find that it also really helps with dry, itchy winter skin.   I like to use the Mindful Mineral Soak for times where I need a quick therapeutic result and don’t have time for a long, luxurious bath.  Maybe I worked out too hard on the bike the day before and have sore knees or maybe my back and neck are sore from doing emails from the couch.  The Mindful Mineral Soak really helps ease tension and muscle soreness and the Jasmine Gardenia scent is absolutely heavenly.   BONUS POINTS:  You might also consider downloading a meditation or mindfulness app like Calm or Headspace!  Here at Equilibria, all of our employees have a premium subscription to the Calm app, which comes with guided meditations, mindful music playlists, and stories for relaxing and falling to sleep.  I love to put on some tranquil music while taking my CBD bath.  

CBD For Unwinding

Next, you might consider turning off your phone and putting all your electronics aside.  I find that about 1 hour before bed is a good time to do this — that way I’m not exposed to the blue light from my devices which can make it hard to fall asleep.  This is also a good time to take another dose of Daily Drops, like 1/2 Dropper (5mg/0.5mL).  I find that this helps set the stage for sleep — then I can unwind by reading a book or listening to a Sleep Story from the Calm app.   The idea of cultivating a healthy night-time routine is to set you up for a good night’s rest + a good day in the morning.  In fact, regular users of CBD often report getting a better quality of rest, staying asleep through the night, and waking up with less inflammation in the morning.    Are you struggling with unwinding at night?  Consider setting up some time with a Dosage Specialist to find the best routine for you — you can email us at [email protected].  Every purchase grants you unlimited Dosage Support + a 30-minute phone call with a Dosage Specialist.    We’re here for you — we want to make CBD easy — we know that your time is precious. So let us know how we can help set you up for success and set up some healthy coping habits that will treat you well in 2021.   To see our suite of organic, premium Full-Spectrum CBD products, visit www.myeq.com