A Letter from Coco Meers, Equilibria CEO and Co-Founder

This month, Equilibria celebrates its 4th birthday. Over the past 4 years, we have had the deep privilege of working 1:1 with hundreds of thousands of you, our incredible members. What we’ve heard has inspired a new phase of our company’s dedication to women.


A Letter From CocoIn 1:1 conversations with our wellness specialists, you have bravely shared raw stories about how you’re truly feeling and the answer – very often – was not OK.  While seemingly holding the weight of the world, you have turned to Equilibria to combat real issues around stress, sleep, pain, distraction, isolation, and an overall frustration when it comes to our traditional healthcare system’s rushed pace and lack of listening.


Well, we are listening. We hear you, and will continue to hold space for you to explore all aspects of how to feel better.


Since its launch, Equilibria has always been known for how we pair trusted CBD products with our trademark commitment to education and support. And, this year, in celebration of our birthday, I’m proud to announce that we are expanding Equilibria’s approach to wellness to ensure that all women – everywhere – feel empowered to start and stick with their own wellness journeys. Feeling well shouldn’t be a luxury, and through powerful products and complimentary access to our wellness coaches, we couldn’t be more excited about helping you (and your mothers and sisters and friends) achieve your wellness goals.


Birthday Highlights from the New EQ:


New Functional Products


A Letter From Coco

Late last year, we began adding to our toolkit with non-CBD wellness products powered by cutting edge functional ingredients. Our mushroom-based Stress Gummies, adaptogenic Focus Gummies & nootropic Energy capsules have each become instant fan favorites because, like our powerful CBD products, they are each purpose-built to deliver efficiently and effectively on your body’s specific needs.


Certified Wellness Coaching


Our beloved team of trained wellness specialists is always on call to answer questions, provide recommendations, and help you craft the perfect wellness program for YOU. This year, we’ve invested in additional training and certifications to ensure that this team is better equipped than ever to support your unique wellness needs.


NEW Chief Science Officer


Facilitating our expanded wellness offerings, I am thrilled to announce the addition of our Dr. Jacqueline Jacques as our new Chief Science Officer.  A Naturopath doctor with decades of experience in the nutraceutical industry, Jacqueline is helping to guide a more comprehensive approach to women’s wellness by introducing us to unique ingredients and functional formulations designed specifically to address the needs you, our members, struggle with most.


A Letter From CocoSuffice it to say, we’ve got a LOT planned for this year, all of which will allow us to be even more attentive partners and supporters in helping to facilitate your journey towards feeling better. We’re not and never will be just a supplements company.  We’re a for women, by women movement that believes in functional health for all!  I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for your trust, feedback, and loyalty along our own journey. We are honored and excited to continue serving you in new and better ways.


Coco Meers, Equilibria CEO and Co-Founder