CBD Drinks for Relaxation: Meet Drink Drops


At Equilibria, our mission is to bring women balance to their daily lives. However, we understand that there will always be moments where you need an extra boost of calm. Whether we’re learning to listen to our bodies or are constantly on the go, finding the most efficient ways to incorporate self-care into our daily lives is an intention we hope to bring into the new year. So for those who need an extra boost when it comes to staying focused on a stressful workday, squeezing in that workout, keeping calm during a social outing, or simply staying hydrated throughout the day, we are thrilled to introduce you to our Drink Drops Trio! Learn all about this fast-acting and highly effective water enhancer and how you can create CBD drinks for relaxation anytime, anywhere. 


CBD Drinks for Relaxation: Introducing NEW Drink Drops Trio 


What are Drink Drops?

CBD drinks for relaxationEquilibria’s limited-edition Drink Drops are our unique version of CBD beverage enhancers! Using our high-quality, full-spectrum CBD, Equilibria has once again partnered with KelSie Biotech to bring you another fast-acting, discreet way to deliver CBD to the body. Packaged as a trio, Drink Drops come in three separate flavors with 100mg of CBD in each bottle (300mg total). Flavors include Sunrise Citrus, White Peach, and Orchard Berry. With new Drink Drops Trio, you have ultimate control over how you want to flavor your beverages, all with naturally sweetened and naturally colored goodness. One firm squeeze into 8 oz of any liquid of your choice will serve you approximately 5 mg of CBD. Get ready to hydrate your body and calm your mind with just a few sips! 


What makes these beverage enhancers so great?

CBD drinks for relaxationUsing a process called Molecular Dispersion (MD), Drink Drops take nano-technology to a whole new level. MD is a technique typically applied to pharmaceuticals to improve the absorption of poorly soluble drugs, and it’s a new approach to using CBD! Since our body is 60% water and in a generally hydrophilic environment, hydrophobic cannabinoids don’t absorb readily into the body or require some digestion before they are absorbed. By pre-dissolving cannabinoids into a water-based environment, your body has to work less to absorb more. This means that the onset of effects ranges as quickly as 5-15 minutes! 



How do I incorporate these into my routine? 

CBD drinks for relaxationWhile this new absorption technique has a quick onset time for moments you need an extra boost, Drink Drops are designed to be an additional tool to your daily CBD routine because of their short duration. Lasting between 2-3 hours, it may not sustain the baseline of support of our Daily CBD products. However, there are many ways you can fit Drink Drops into any day! Here are some examples of when you may want to use Drink Drops: 


    • Daytime Zen – add to your water bottle for delicious calm, all day long
    • Workout Recharge – enjoy after workouts to bring relief to the body 
    • Evening Mocktail – explore festive alcohol alternatives with bubbly sodas 
    • Bedtime Bliss – bring on sleep with a hydrating glass 
    • Mid-night Mellow – boost your bedside glass to sustain sleep 


With all the ways that we individually incorporate self-care into our lives, Drink Drops are sure to meet you where you are. We can’t wait to hear the creative ways you mix calm into your life with this new product that is only here while supplies last. So let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Dosage Support Team for any ideas and tips on your CBD journey – happy drinking!