Do you have a tough time finding the perfect gifts for your family and friends every holiday season? Are you or your loved ones in need of something to elevate your self-care routines? We know it can be tricky to navigate the holiday season from shopping to planning delicious home-cooked meals. While holidays are full of warm memories and nostalgia for some, they can also be a difficult time of year for others. Stress certainly seems to be a common theme for most of us. Whatever your experience, our Holiday CBD gifts are just what you need to experience the balance and presence you and your loved ones deserve this year! From luxury CBD gifts to limited edition sets, explore all our newest collection offers this season. 


CBD Gifts: Explore Our Holiday Collection 


Limited Edition CBD Gifts


CBD Gifts: Explore Our Holiday CollectionWinter Citrus Daily Drops

These feature the same full-spectrum CBD oil you love, but with a dash of holiday spirit. Our Winter Citrus CBD oil features warm notes of cinnamon and clove paired with hints of bright orange and cranberry flavors. They’re available in a mini bottle (150mg/15mL) or in a full-size bottle (300mg/30mL). You can use them as a part of your daily routine for stress management, calming your mind before bed, or if you need an extra dose to help you recenter during tense moments. These flavorful Drops are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out! 


Savor Gummy Trio

We’ve brought you three new flavors of CBD gummies you’re sure to love. Sugared Plum, Gingered Pear, and Spiced Pomegranate Gummies can transport you back to your favorite childhood memories and leave you smiling from ear to ear. Our CBD Gummies are a delicious and fun way to incorporate self-care into your everyday routine. Just like our Pineapple Dragonfruit Daily Gummies, each Gummy is infused with 10mg of our premium, full-spectrum CBD. The Savor Gummy Trio set includes 15 Gummies for each flavor, so you can try them all and find your ideal routine.  


Nourishing Body Oil

Our new CBD Body Oil is a great way to treat yourself to some self-love and soothe your skin from head to toe. This luxurious CBD topical product features a wide array of powerful ingredients, including golden jojoba oil, sunflower oil, MCT oil, our full-spectrum CBD oil, bergamot oil, lavender oil, along with ylang-ylang extract and Roman chamomile to leave your skin soft and hydrated. 


Golden jojoba oil can promote natural sebum production and offer restorative properties to the skin. It can also enhance absorption so that you can experience the benefits of full-spectrum CBD. In addition, sunflower oil may enrich and revive the skin barrier and provide gentle moisturization. Beyond that, we’ve carefully selected an essential oil blend of ylang-ylang extra, Roman chamomile, bergamot, and lavender to restore evenness to the skin, reduce puffiness and redness and foster relaxation. Not only is this oil hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, but it’s also formulated to promote lasting moisturized and silky skin after consistent, daily use. Perfect for post-bath bliss and a relaxing massage. 


Relaxation Soak

Our Limited Edition CBD Soak is a lovely way to destress after a hectic day. With over 30 minerals, this soothing soak consists of Mediterranean Sea Salt, Dead Sea salt, along with our full-spectrum hemp flower CBD, coconut oil, lavender oil, along sweet orange, lavender, and vanilla fragrances. The Relaxation Soak is a form of topical CBD. It doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream the same way as when you ingest CBD and can be used at your leisure since it doesn’t count toward your daily dose.  

This delightful new Relaxation Soak is included exclusively as a part of our Rest Gift Set. 


Luxury CBD Gift Sets

In addition to our limited edition CBD gifts, we’ve curated three luxury gift sets for every special person in your life (including you)!


CBD Gifts: Explore Our Holiday CollectionPresence Gift Set

Our Presence Gift Set is crafted for those who are active and juggling a never-ending to-do list. We know the holidays are full of additional stressors, so we want to extend the gifts of calm and presence to you and your loved ones this year. This luxury set features Winter Citrus Daily Drops, Rapid Calming Melts, Relief Balm, and NEW Nourishing Body Oil. 


  • Keep spikes of stress at bay with our delicious Winter Citrus Daily Drops. Starting low and slow with dosing as you incorporate these into your daily wellness routine. Many of our members enjoy one full dropper (10mg/1mL) to get their day started on a high note, or they take them in the evening to calm their minds. 


  • Our Rapid Calming Melts are the perfect addition to your daily regimen when you’re having a hectic day or if you need extra support. Use these as needed when you’re experiencing moments of high stress, peak physical discomfort, or looking for support when you’re heading to bed. We recommend trying your first dose at home to see how your body responds. Start with ½ of a Rapid Calming Melt (2.5mg) or 1 Rapid Calming Melt (5mg).


  • Ease your body’s tension, soreness, and aches with our best-selling Relief Balm. Formulated with 500mg of our full-spectrum CBD and potent botanicals like menthol, arnica, and lavender. Apply a small pea size to the affected area and use it as needed. To optimize results, we suggest using the Relief Balm daily.  


  • Give your skin some love and care with our Nourishing Body Oil. This rich oil is full of 250mg of CBD, golden jojoba oil, and as well as bergamot, ylang-ylang, Roman chamomile, and lavender.


Rest Gift Set 

If you or someone you know struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep, check out our Rest Luxury Gift Set, as it’s designed with rest in mind. This set includes a 60 count of our Regular Strength Daily Softgels together with our NEW Relaxation Soak. 


  • Our Daily Softgels are a popular choice for supporting a good night’s rest. Compared to the Daily Drops, they offer a slower, more extended-release, which can be great for overnight support. Of course, plenty of our members take them in the evening to slow down and transition to bedtime. We highly recommend you take your Softgel with a meal or snack, including healthy fats like avocado, fatty fish, or dark chocolate for best absorption. Start with one Daily Softgel in the evening with dinner for 5-7 days before deciding if you need to increase or adjust your dosage.   


  • Prepare for bed by using our Relaxation Soak in a warm, indulgent bath. This brand new bath soak contains 200mg of full-spectrum CBD along with Dead Sea salt, coconut oil, lavender oil, lavender flowers, sweet orange oil, and vanilla. Pour ¼ of the jar into the bath and enjoy. 


Relieve Gift Set 

Our Relieve Gift Set can be a wonderful gift for those who are struggling with dry, flaky skin and bothersome aches and discomfort. This CBD gift set includes Relief Balm and Nourishing Body Oil. These are both topical forms of CBD, so they don’t count toward your daily dosage since they aren’t absorbed in the body the same way ingested CBD is. 


  • Our Relief Balm is a favorite for a reason. It’s packed with 500mg of our potent, full-spectrum CBD along with shea butter, coconut oil, arnica, menthol, lavender, and rosemary. Our members love to use the Relief Balm for physical tension in the head, neck, and shoulders, on the abdomen for cramping-related discomfort, before or after a workout, among many other things! Start with a pea-sized amount to each area to soothe aches and soreness. 


  • Our brand new Nourishing Body Oil features 250mg of our high-quality CBD along with bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang extra, and Roman chamomile. Colder weather usually comes with dehydrated skin and itchiness. Nourish and restore hydration to your skin this holiday season with our new body oil. Perfect for after a hot shower or if you need to work out some knots in your neck and shoulders. Rub a small amount of oil using circular motions wherever you need relief. Daily application is recommended, but of course, you can also use it whenever!  


Limited Edition Gift Sets Under $100

Savor Gift Set

Enjoy a delicious treat as you take care of your body and mind. The Savor Gift Set consists of our new Savor Gummy Trio featuring Sugared Plum, Gingered Pear, and Spiced Pomegranate flavors, in addition to our mini Winter Citrus Daily Drops. These are wonderful for a college student or a new CBD user looking to enhance their wellness routine. 


Reset Gift Set

If you’re an experienced CBD user but find yourself needing a boost, look no further than our Reset Gift Set. This gift set is perfect for when you’re traveling and need some extra help to stay calm and centered. It includes our Rapid Calming Melts and our Dynamic Roller Duo. 


Revive Gift Set 

We understand that the holidays can be a challenging time of year for some. The season can be accompanied by feelings of grief, loneliness, and despair. We want to help you feel more like yourself and find calm and peace. If you or someone you know is struggling this holiday season, consider trying the Revive Gift Set. This set contains our Mini Winter Citrus Daily Drops and Relief Balm. 


Soothe Gift Set 

If you or your loved one are dipping your toes in the water with CBD and are a little nervous to start, the Soothe Holiday Gift Set can be a great way to ease into the CBD experience. It includes our Daily Treatment Oil with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD & 7 botanicals and our Mindful Mineral Soak, both topical CBD products. Again, topical CBD doesn’t enter the bloodstream in the same manner as ingestible CBD, so you can use these products as often as you’d like.


Daily Treatment Oil is a powerhouse of 500mg of our full-spectrum CBD paired with organic sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, olive squalane, grapeseed oil, litsea oil, grapefruit oil, and natural jasmine and gardenia fragrances designed to soothe the skin and boost hydration. Apply to the skin as the last step in your skincare routine after washing and moisturizing to lock in all the benefits. 


Ready to try one of our CBD gifts?

CBD Gifts: Explore Our Holiday CollectionWhether you’re brand new to CBD, interested in trying something different, or gifting CBD to a loved one, our team of Dosage Specialists is here to help! We offer personalized dosage support with each purchase so that you can feel confident and comfortable throughout your CBD experience. If you have any questions about our CBD gifts, holiday gift sets or need some help fine-tuning your routine, let us know! You or your gift recipient can schedule a dosage consultation or reach out to us at We’re here to guide you every step of the way! Also be sure to check out our FAQ page if you have questions regarding CBD.