Why You Should Commit to a CBD Monthly Subscription

Whether you’re new to using CBD or you’ve already found a daily routine that works for you, a monthly CBD subscription is the best, most cost-effective way to get your CBD. If you’re hesitant about making the commitment, Equilibria’s CBD monthly subscription program offers a number of benefits over one-time orders. With cost savings as well as flexibility built into the subscription, you’ll find it’s an easy choice to make. 


Why You Should Commit to a CBD Monthly Subscription


Ensure your routine is uninterrupted 

Why You Should Commit to a CBD Monthly SubscriptionCBD is most effective when it’s taken daily. As a cannabinoid, CBD has a cumulative effect in the body, which means that taking it every day around the same time will help ensure that you’re sustaining the levels needed to experience maximum benefits. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), the system that regulates many of the body’s functions, including sleep, mood, immune response, memory, and physical discomfort. Sustained cannabinoid levels help the ECS restore balance to the body more efficiently.


Having your CBD delivered on a regular monthly basis helps you stay on schedule without interruption and ensures you’ll never run out of your daily dose. Many of our members report seeing noticeable effects from their daily CBD routine after a few weeks of consistent daily usage. With consistent dosing, members experience a more regular and restorative sleep schedule, improved mood, and reduction of feelings of stress and mental strain. Our CBD monthly subscription automatically delivers your choice of products without you having to worry about ordering in time, so you can get the most out of your daily dose without delay.


Receive special pricing

If you’ve found which Equilibria CBD products work best for you, our CBD monthly subscription program offers significant savings over one-time purchases. With 25% off all items in your subscription as well as free shipping, staying on schedule with your daily routine becomes a lot easier on both you and your wallet. Monthly subscribers also receive 10% off of one-time purchases, so it’s easy and convenient to try something new or get your hands on a limited edition product. Receiving special pricing on Equilibria’s products made with premium CBD that’s single-source, hand-harvested, and organic means you can keep up with your daily routine in a way that’s convenient and budget-friendly. 


Customize your CBD monthly subscription

Why You Should Commit to a CBD Monthly SubscriptionFlexibility is a key component in Equilibria’s subscription program. Need to add or remove a product from your CBD monthly subscription? No problem! Need to skip a month or cancel? It’s easy. Our Subscription Management FAQs will walk you through the simple steps to make any changes to your subscription. There’s no need to worry about being locked into a contract or not being able to make adjustments to the products you receive each month; Equilibria makes it easy and convenient to customize so you’ll always receive exactly what you need right when you need it. We take the hesitation out of committing to a monthly subscription by making sure your automatic delivery contains the products that work best for you and your life. 


If you aren’t sure what products are right for you, or you feel that you’re not getting the most out of your CBD, our Member Education Team is here to guide you. Every Equilibria purchase includes a 1:1 consultation with a Certified Wellness Coach, who will help you personalize your routine to address your specific concerns. Our industry-leading member support will be there with you on every step of your CBD journey, taking the guesswork out of your daily routine and helping you find the dosage and delivery system that works for you. Schedule your phone consultation or email our Member Education Team to get started.