EQ Team Spotlight: Haley H.

In our EQ Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD brand! Today, we’re featuring Haley H., a Dosage Specialist here at Equilibria.


What is your background, and what drew you to Equilibria?

I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and have a background in counseling medical cannabis patients. Mainly, my background is counseling folks new to cannabis, and that was my first role. However, I also have a background in the cultivation side of cannabis. I have worked in all aspects of the industry, even trimming plants and packaging products! Before Equilibria, I worked for a cannabis software startup to teach growers how to use cannabis software.  

My husband and I live in Southern Illinois. We love being a part of the cannabis industry here, as it is more agriculture-based and very supportive. I even helped out at the first dispensary that opened in our area!

I am always doing something cannabis-related and even have a YouTube and cannabis podcast where I work with our community. 

Interestingly enough, I found Equilibria through Instagram! I had recently launched my own Instagram, and I saw an ad on Instagram hiring Dosage Specialists. I was one of the earlier Dosage Specialists and began in January 2020. 

At Equilibria, I’m a Dosage Specialist. I love that I get to offer help throughout a member’s journey. I really love the counseling aspect and being able to talk and help people.


What inspired you to apply?

After seeing the ad on Instagram and exploring what precisely a Dosage Specialist was, I found myself drawn to the role. I realized a dosage specialist is what the dispensaries lack: that 1:1 connection that helps someone out throughout their journey using CBD.

Dispensaries are focused on retail and quickly getting people in and out. They don’t have the space or time for longer conversations or coaching. However, at Equilibria, I can help you throughout your journey and always have notes from previous meetings if you have specific objectives you want to meet.

Not everyone will need specific guidance, but I am so glad we offer this ongoing support for those who do!

What would the younger version of yourself think about your job?

I come from a long line of teachers, my parents are both teachers, and my grandparents are in the field. So, I knew I always wanted to be in a helping profession. Being a Dosage Specialist is like being a teacher, a guidance counselor, and a therapist all in one. So, I am not surprised I ended up in a job like this that helps people in such a unique way.

However, I am surprised that this role even exists! I never thought cannabis would be legal in the state of Illinois or even see CBD sold online. Likewise, I never imagined specialized education-based roles like this would exist. 

What is your favorite meeting?

My favorite meeting is the weekly Dosage Team meeting because all the Dosage Specialists get together to brainstorm as a group. When new products launch, we discuss how they should be used and even work on research projects to stay up-to-date on cannabis research.

All the Dosage Specialists come from varied backgrounds and tend to have a specialization in a specific area. For example, I have a Psychology focus because of my education, which is helpful. However, I love connecting to others who have backgrounds in Biology, Nursing, and Pharmacology. We’re able to get experience from each other and share our talents.

We also always review cannabis industry news, as it is constantly evolving. We know how important it is to stay on top of new studies and regulations in this ever-changing industry!

What is your #myEQ?

My routine changes throughout the year, depending on what health goal I’m focusing on, but currently, #myEQ is:

CBD Oil vs Gummies: What's The Difference1 10mg Daily Gummies in the morning and ½ Dropper of Daily Drops in the afternoon. In the evenings, I also take a 2.5 milligram THC pill (not from Equilibria).

I incorporate the last step to support the Entourage Effect. CBD and THC work very well as a pair. Equilibria’s products are Full Spectrum, meaning they contain the federally legal limit of less than 0.3% THC. When combined, THC acts as a director, telling the CBD what to do and where to go in the body for the best benefits!