EQ Team Spotlight: Kari K.

In our EQ Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD! Today, we’re featuring Kari K., our Head of Operations at Equilibria. 


What is your background and how did you come to Equilibria?

My most recent experience is in the direct-to-consumer/e-commerce space. Prior to Equilibria, I was at a menswear brand, where I had first-hand logistics, retail, and customer experience functional areas of the business under my umbrella. But, being in menswear is a much different animal than what we’re doing here at Equilibria.


The opportunity came up with Equilibria and I met with Marcy and Coco and it was a really obvious decision. Working for a company with a mission that was changing women’s lives while working for two women with impressive careers leading a new team …it was a no-brainer and I was thrilled to implement things I had experience in and take on new challenges!


Have you learned anything new this week?

It’s the nature of the operations business to anticipate the unknown, so we learn something new all the time! Every week there is something that crops up that our team can add to our library of things to do differently (or the same) next time.


We face a lot of unique challenges and how we manage through things that are outside of our control requires us to think about how to get ahead to mitigate impact to our members, because that is our number one goal.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Although it wasn’t that long ago, I love to reminisce about the earlier days of Equilibria and how much the business and team have evolved. We have been able to add some amazing people to our team and to think about our capacity limitation a year ago and where we are today is so rewarding to see how much value every new team member brings. We continue to add on layer by layer to have functional expertise and refine our processes to best serve our members.


Even before I joined the team, there were so many great decisions made to ensure we have the highest quality in the market, but it’s a rapidly evolving space and we have to work hard to continuously deliver the best products and service to our members. As with any direct-to-consumer business, we face supply chain challenges that we navigate through, everyday, together. 


What is your favorite meeting?

I view myself as part of two teams within the greater Equilibria team, the leadership team and the operations team. I love both of these weekly team meetings!


During our weekly Operations meeting, we talk about general updates, but it allows us to prioritize for the week and be conscious of where we’re spending our time. It’s such a productive hour where we’re formulating ideas into strategies and planning where we’ll be that week, that month, or in the next six months. It makes me grateful to work alongside such a talented team. Everyone brings a unique perspective to the table to help facilitate everything from project management to problem solving that we solve for as an operations team on a regular basis.


The Leadership team meeting is such a great way to hear about challenges and successes all across the business and is so cross-functional. We move so quickly as a growing business and it’s great to have that time set aside to talk together, troubleshoot, share what our team is saying, and most importantly hear what members are saying is incredibly valuable. I love solutioning together as part of a team.



I love the Extra Strength Daily Drops. They are like liquid gold – so efficacious and I love using them in a microdosing format, sort of on-demand especially during the “witching hour” that so many of our members are familiar with. Coming home to kids and getting them through their bedtime routines and to feel like I am not rushing through it and that I have more time and appreciation for that time of the day is great.