EQ Team Spotlight: Nami K.

In our EQ Team Spotlight, meet the faces behind your favorite CBD! Today, we’re featuring Nami K., our Senior Brand Designer.


EQ Team Spotlight: Meet Nami K.


EQ Team SpotlightWhat is your background and how did you come to Equilibria?

I’ve worked in a range of different design fields and environments: from a small, women-owned design studio to a book publishing company to large retail and beauty companies like Sephora, Gap, and Stitch Fix. I was interested in working for a smaller company in women’s wellness and thought EQ was a perfect opportunity.


Can you take us through a day in the life of a Senior Brand Designer?

Everyday and every week is different, but I start my day working on the hottest and most urgent projects that day. Projects include designing emails, paid ads, socials, site images, packaging, and brainstorming and building the look and feel for upcoming campaigns. When working from home, I’m often working in front of my cat, Sammie, who sleeps peacefully behind me. He is my inspiration!   


What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far (here or elsewhere)?

Balance! I learned it is important to make time away from work so I don’t get burned out. 


What’s your favorite EQ product?

I would say Rapid Calming Melts are a lifesaver. I have a huge fear of needles and shots, so drawing blood for a health check up is my worst nightmare (in fact I put it off for 4 years). I couldn’t have done that without taking Rapid Calming Melts. I also finally got my ears pierced and RCM helped me a lot.