From our CEO: Why ‘For Women, By Women’ Matters

For Women, By Women Company

We get asked all the time, “Why do you focus only on women when everyone can benefit from this powerful plant?” The answer is simple. We believe women need us the most. 

Our bodies are different so our wellness routines should be, too.

Whether our challenges are physical, such as period cramps and hot flashes, or mental, like anxiety and finding balance, the biochemistry in our bodies is unique and complex. This means our Endocannabinoid Systems (or the “ECS” for short) is, too. Our ECS plays a crucial role in regulating sleep, inflammation, mood, anxiety and overall homeostasis – all things that affect women more on a daily basis.

Only 5% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women.

There is a gender gap in business and we are doing our part to bridge it. 

Less than 3 percent of women-founded companies make it to $1 million in sales, women receive less than 3 percent of the billions deployed in venture funding and only 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women. We’re committed to changing these statistics by creating space for all women to thrive through CBD. Just like you, we have full plates and our share of chronic pain, inflammation and everyday anxieties. Marcy and I are living proof of the power of CBD to help women. Both as a product and as a career.  For Women By Women Company

We live our mission in everything we do.

“When seeking my current job, it was really important for me to join an organization where a focus on diversity and inclusion was baked into the culture from its inception. I specifically sought out women-founded, early-stage organizations that strive for inclusive hiring. Our commitment to women’s health and achieving balance is reflected in how we work together as a team. I’m proud to be a part of the team. And getting to see the impact that our products make on women’s lives is infinitely rewarding.” – Amanda Lee, Engineering Team “I’ve worked on a lot of teams, but I’ve never worked with a more supportive, driven, or inspiring group. Our mission to improve the lives of women is important to me. And every day I hear directly from our customers about how Equilibria has helped them achieve their goals. I feel so honored to have the opportunity to be on a team that creates positive change in women’s lives.” – Amy, Product Team “Everywhere we turn are successful and empowering women surrounding us. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that our company dedicates the time and energy to making every woman feel the best she can with CBD.” – Norma, Fulfillment Team

I love that we truly want to see each other succeed.

“Working in a For Women, By Women company is such a unique experience because I work on a team that truly values the same things I value. I get up everyday knowing I have a chance to connect with our Members and bring them value by helping them feel their best. Healing doesn’t happen in isolation…and every day at Equilibria I’m reminded that we’re all in this together. I love that we truly want to see each other succeed.” – Haley, Member Education Team

We are for women, by women.

We can be anything we want to be – breadwinners, present parents, loyal friends, attentive daughters, passionate hobbyists. But as we experience stress and age, our bodies and minds can get in the way of these goals. With proactive self-care and some intentional support, we’ve seen the power of high quality cannabinoid science change lives and help truly achieve balance. Premium CBD. As Unique As You. Shop Now.