Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drink Drops Apart

From CBD water and soda to canned mocktails, it seems that everywhere you turn, you see a new CBD drink! While there are many options to choose from, Equilibria set out to create a CBD drink that stood out from the rest. Our Drink Drops Trio is a ground-breaking CBD beverage and ultimate on-the-go tool that truly stands apart from any other CBD drink you may have spotted on the market. So what makes our new full-spectrum CBD Drinks rise above the rest? Let’s dive in to explore more!


Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drink Drops Apart


1. Portable Packaging 

Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drink Drops Apart

To support even the busiest, multifaceted lifestyles, the portability of the Drink Drops gives you unlimited access to choose how to sip your CBD. Whether mixing it into creative recipes or taking it with you to a social outing or the gym, you’re sure to be equipped with a discreet support tool wherever you go. Portable packaging with small, sleek black bottles and easy-squeeze application, this tiny trio takes up very little space and our concentrated formula means less packaging waste (unlike cans or bottles!). Toss them in your purse, workout bag, or keep them on your desk. Mix them with still water, sparkling water, or even juice – they are there for you whenever and wherever, throughout your day. 


 2. Customization: Your Dose, Your Taste

Our Drink Drops are super concentrated in premium CBD and delicious, natural fruit flavors. This means that you can add as much or as little as you’d like to your beverage to create a custom CBD drink! We recommend starting with a squeeze (5mg/0.5 tsp) in 8 oz of water (or whatever drink you’d like)! The faster you finish your drink, the faster the onset. Feel free to experiment with both dosage and flavor until you find your sweet spot!


 3. Premium Ingredients & Quality 

Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drink Drops Apart

Here at Equilibria, we believe a quality product starts with quality ingredients. That’s why we partnered with SUM Biotech to formulate our full-spectrum CBD into an innovative beverage solution with premium ingredients and high bioavailability, for your best results! You’ll find natural colors and flavors on our ingredient list right next to our out-of-this-world, premium full-spectrum hemp extract! That means each ingredient serves a purpose… no fillers and no additives! Our all-natural CBD drink has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero fat, for a healthy and powerful beverage.


4. Unparalleled Premium CBD Extract

The Drink Drops utilize EQ’s same full-spectrum, organic, single-source CBD you know and love, to bring you the most holistic benefits contained in the purest source of cannabinoids and terpenes – hand-harvested flowers of our hemp plants. We source all of our hemp from our partner farm outside of Boulder, CO — a proprietary strain we developed with the help of on-staff seed geneticists. Strategy for growing and harvesting hemp at our partner farm aligns with our dedication to providing some of the highest quality CBD on the market. This in combination with maintaining hemp’s phytochemical profile all the way through the extraction process results in incredible, full-spectrum CBD that is used in each and every one of our products, including our Drink Drops!


5. Innovative Technology 

Full Spectrum CBD Drinks: What Sets Drink Drops Apart

While we use the same CBD in each of our products, preserving the therapeutic profile of our premium CBD in beverage form required ground-breaking new technology! We couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with SUM Biotech to achieve this goal with the use of  patent-pending technology called Molecular Dispersion. This powerful Molecular Dispersion technique optimizes absorption by the body. In this case, it allows for CBD molecules to be more readily dissolved into water to create the concentrated solution that is our Drink Drops.


Ultimately, Molecular Dispersion makes CBD even easier for our bodies to recognize and absorb. Because of this, the onset is quick – usually only 5-15 minutes! This innovative, patent-pending Molecular Dispersion technique ensures a palatable and shelf-stable CBD product, boasting seamless water-solubility and high bioavailability. While you may need to stir your drink to combine it into your beverage, there’s no need to shake your Drink Drops before using them.


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Whether it’s portability, personalization, efficacy, or quality of ingredients that matter to you most, we’ve got you covered with our full spectrum CBD Drinks! Still not sure if Drink Drops are right for you? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to our team of Certified Wellness Coaches at wellness@myeq.com. You can also browse our YouTube page for more info on Drinks Drops and CBD in general!