Meet Jacqueline Jacques: EQ’s New Chief Science Officer

It’s no secret that everyone in the EQ office is fangirling over our new CSO, Jacqueline. Her 20+ year career includes a deep background in natural medicine – she studied under a variety of holistic healers, mastered numerous body therapies, and practiced as a Naturopathic Doctor. Most recently, she was the Chief Research Officer at Thorne Healthtec. Suffice it to say, we feel incredibly lucky to have her on the team and we couldn’t be more excited for her to share her vast knowledge and expertise with us in order to continue our mission – to help women everywhere feel better. Here’s a little bit more about Jacqueline:


Tell us about yourself!


“I was born and raised mostly in coastal Southern California, which probably explains a lot of my love of the outdoors, the beach, and spicy Mexican food! I started on my path to studying natural medicine very young; I actually became a massage therapist when I was 18, and throughout college practiced with a variety of holistic healers while also studying breathwork, Reiki, and somatic body therapies. All of those experiences eventually landed me in my career today as a Naturopathic Doctor. While I did have an office practice for a while, I eventually felt a calling to help people by creating better natural products and therapies – I have now been working in the natural product industry for over 20 years.”


Why did you choose to join the EQ team? What about EQ do you think is different, special, or exciting?


“I have always wanted to do something impactful within the realm of women’s health that was bigger than just creating a prenatal vitamin or something to help hot flashes (though those things are important!) From the very first time that I began talking to the Equilibria team I felt a really strong resonance with the idea of creating a whole wellness platform for women.”

“The mission-driven alignment of the EQ team is really infectious!”


How do you hope to utilize your own experience and wealth of knowledge in order to further EQ’s mission to help women feel better?


“For me, this is an exciting opportunity to create a values-driven product line tailored uniquely to women. I like the idea that we can create a line that is uniquely effective because it addresses the underlying systems in the body that regulate health, not just the occasional symptoms. Equilibria started this process by creating incredible products to support the endocannabinoid system – and I am able to share both my industry and naturopathic knowledge to help extend that to a broader set of offerings.”


Why are you personally drawn to the wellness space?


“I had the privilege of watching the transformative power of natural and integrative therapies from a really young age, however I also went through an experience of getting very sick when traveling overseas in my early 20s. It turned out that I had acquired a parasite, and while I could take drugs that technically killed it, I was left with a lot of damage in my gut and immune system. Having to heal from something that conventional medicine offered few solutions for was pretty impactful – if it had not been for herbs, probiotics, and some other interventions, I am sure I would have stayed sick much longer.”


What are your fave EQ products?

“Sleep Gummies are magical! I have probably taken every herb out there for sleep and nothing works like these. Sleep is so important for every aspect of health, so having something that lets me get consistent quality sleep is amazing – I tell everyone about them! The Rapid Calming Melts live in my travel kit, and our Daily Drops are now my go to for all around support of the endocannabinoid system.”