Meet the new way to de-stress, relax, and revive your body with premium CBD. We’re excited to share the newest addition to our Signature Box family: The Body Box. Our first-ever, topical-only subscription box features three of our best-selling and most loved topical products that are artfully crafted to relieve, renew, and restore your body with the power of full-spectrum, hand-harvested CBD. The Body Box is a great place to start your CBD journey, and here we’ll get into all of the details on why you’ll love this new product.


What’s included in the Body Box?

1oz jar of Relief Cream ($58 value) 

Great for easing achy joints, cramps, and general soreness, Relief Cream is perfect for targeting local discomfort and can be used multiple times a day as needed. With 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, this shea butter based balm is commonly used for arthritis, ovarian/uterine discomfort, headache relief, muscle soreness, and even on the feet after a long day in heels. 

How to use: For targeted relief — apply to sore areas, starting with a pea-sized amount and adding as needed. Relief Cream does not enter the bloodstream the same way CBD does when you orally ingest it, so it’s perfectly safe to use as frequently as you’d like on problem areas.


0.5oz bottle of Daily Treatment Oil

($40 value)

Packed with 7 nutrient-rich botanicals, this luxurious oil nourishes and renews deep into the layers of your skin featuring 250mg of full-spectrum CBD.

How to use: Apply as needed on face and body as your last step to lock in the benefits of any water-based moisturizers or serums.




Mindful Mineral Soak9.7oz bag of Mindful Mineral Soak ($45 value) 

Boasting over 30 minerals, this powerful soak is delicately infused with 200mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD to purify and destress. Gardenia and jasmine aromatic oil blends nourish skin and invigorate senses with modern floral and grapefruit notes.

How to use: Pour approximately 1/4 of your bag (2oz) into a full warm bath. Relax and enjoy. Each bag includes enough for 4x baths per month – perfect to get yourself in the routine of 1x bath per week to de-stress.


Who is this for?

Body Box was not only made for those in mind who may be new to CBD or are hesitant to try ingestible CBD, but also for the fitness enthusiasts, beauty junkies, those who experience achy joints, inflammation, muscle tension, and unbearable periods. Each topical product included is a great way to introduce CBD to your lifestyle. 


“The Body Box is designed for anyone who needs relief from the outside-in! It’s a great place to start for physical relief. If you have issues with muscular aches and soreness, the Relief Cream and Mineral Soak are the way to go. If you have skin irritation, inflammation, or dryness, reach for the DTO!” says Dosage Support Team Lead, Autumn Mehl. “All three of these products are designed to pamper you from the outside in. The DTO is now my favorite oil and the last step in my skincare routine. The Relief Cream is a staple in my first-aid kit. If I’m feeling sore, this jar is the first thing I reach for. Because the Mineral Soak is salt-based, it’s a great tool for muscular relief! If you’re not a bath person, just plug up your drain and add the Salts to your shower — the entire bathroom will smell amazing and your feet will get to soak up all the relief!”


Still have questions?

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