New Product! Stress Gummies for Stress Management

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If you have ever struggled with day-to-day stress management from work, errands, and unexpected changes in your life, then you probably understand how even the most minor triggers can feel like a monumental challenge to handle. Stress can creep into other areas of your life and start to affect things like your productivity, ability to stay present, and sleep. 

When trying to find that moment of calm in your life, sometimes you need a bit of support, but knowing where to start and what products to try can add even more stress. We have developed an easy method to support you in those moments when you need your calm the most. Our new Stress Gummies are a delicious blackberry currant flavor that opens the doors to more functional wellness in your routine. 


Why they are special

Stress gummies with blackberries and currants for stress management

At Equilibria, we understand that everyone’s body responds differently to certain ingredients and no routine is alike. That is why we are happy to step into a new era of wellness with our Stress Gummies, featuring a blend of functional mushrooms. 

Functional mushrooms are adaptogens, which are natural substances that may help impact how the body deals with stress and fatigue.* They are used to target specific stressors in the body and help promote homeostasis or balance.* 

Our Stress Gummies contain a blend of five different mushrooms and are a great way to provide stress management to your routine.* Each gummy contains 200mg of lion’s mane, Cordyceps, turkey tail, maitake, and reishi.


Key ingredients

  • Cordyceps to boost energy levels*
  • Lion’s mane to promote mood-boosting effects and enhance cognitive functioning*
  • Maitake to provide immune system support*
  • Reishi to help balance and boost the body and mind*
  • Turkey tail to provide immune system support and promote a reduction in oxidative stress*


When to use and who should use them

The Stress Gummies can be useful as part of a daily routine or as needed for anyone who:

  • Struggles to manage stress* 
  • Is looking to try functional mushrooms
  • Is looking for products without CBD/THC
  • Wants a boost to their existing CBD routine
  • Needs support for the mental as well as physical manifestation of stress*
  • Is a night shift worker looking for stress support*


How to use

If you are looking to add an existing wellness routine:

If you already have an established wellness routine with our products and are looking for boosted support for stress management, we encourage adding one Stress Gummy to your current routine on an as-needed basis.* After five to seven days, if you still feel you could use additional support, you’re welcome to try increasing to two Stress Gummies. 


If you are looking to create a routine with ONLY the Stress Gummies:

Alternatively, if the Stress Gummies are the only product you’re using, or you’re looking to replace your daytime CBD dose with the Stress Gummies, you’re welcome to start using the gummies on a daily basis! We encourage trying one gummy for the first five to seven days, but you’re welcome to increase it to two Gummies afterward if additional support is needed. 


Our Certified Wellness Coaches’ recommended routine to start with the Stress Gummy:

Morning: One Stress Gummy for daytime support. 

Midday: One Stress Gummy to unwind for the evening


Ready to try Stress Gummies?

Functional ingredient portfolio shotWhether you are looking to start a new wellness routine or are looking to add functional mushrooms into your existing routine, our Stress Gummies are an easy, fun, and functional way to help support you in times of stress.* 

Email us at with any questions you may have, or contact one of our Certified Wellness Coaches by scheduling a Wellness Coaching Session to learn more!