Our Top Products for the Holidays

Woman holding sleep gummiesWith the holidays just around the corner, you might be feeling your stress levels start to ramp up — the EQ team is here to help! We’ve put together some of our top products to help you stay chill while navigating the hustle and bustle of the season. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or crossing some holiday gifts for your loved ones off your list, we’ve got you covered. 

Top products for less stress

Trying to wrangle the family for holiday card pictures, fighting the crowds trying to get the best Black Friday deals, the pressure to make everything perfect — it’s no wonder we’re all so stressed out this time of year! Help keep your calm with some of our favorite products for stress.


Rapid Calming Melts

Maia Reed, Senior Director of Member Education, says Rapid Calming Melts are “marriage-saving stress relief, fast. I keep jars in the diaper bag, my purse, and my car (for braving holiday traffic!).” 


Stress Gummies

Stress gummies with blackberries and currants for stress managementOur new natural “chill pill” is made from a blend of five adaptogenic functional mushrooms and can help keep you calm and balanced when you’re feeling a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed. As a bonus during cold and flu season, Stress Gummies can also help promote immune support while helping you regulate your stress levels.

Self-care gifts 

Taking care of yourself is just as important as finding the best holiday gifts. Fortunately, with EQ, you can do both! (And your secret is safe with us if your holiday shopping ends up being “one for you, one for me.” It’s the best way to shop!)


Daily Drops

CBD: It’s What You Don’t FeelBecca Garber, EQ’s Head of People, makes sure she always has her full-spectrum CBD Daily Drops close at hand. “They help me tremendously with jump starting my morning routine and getting my two kids up, dressed, fed, and to school on time. I feel more level-headed, ready to take on a tantrum at any moment!”


Sleep Gummies

Wellness Specialist Noelle Fister calls Sleep Gummies a “game-changer” when it comes to self-care. “If I forget to take them, I wake up feeling exhausted and dreading the day ahead.” Face the holidays well rested and ready to take on whatever comes your way with our premium CBD Sleep Gummies.

Gifts under $50

Always scrambling for last-minute gift ideas? Can’t think of any gift ideas for your best friend or favorite cousin? Save yourself some stress with these sure-to-please CBD favorites, but watch out — you might just decide to keep them for yourself!


Dynamic Roller Duo

Notebook with Roller DuoWellness Specialist Dr. Emily Kulpa keeps EQ’s Dynamic Roller Duo with her wherever she travels during the holiday season. “I like using this on my wrist and carry it around with me when visiting family and friends in case I need an instant but mild calming effect.” EQ’s full-spectrum CBD and specially selected essential oils can give you a boost of energy or a moment of calm, right when you need it most.


Mindful Mineral Soak

What’s better than a long, relaxing, hot soak in the tub after an exhausting and busy day? Nothing, if you ask us! Sink into the calm that comes from combining our premium CBD, more than 30 minerals, and an essential oil blend to soothe and de-stress.


Still looking for the best gifts of self-care for everyone on your list (and yourself)? Our holiday guide has everything you need for a relaxed, stress-free holiday season.