CBD for Periods: How It Can Help Ease Symptoms

Mother Nature does not leave voicemails. Her monthly call is one most females of biological age must reluctantly answer, and in many cases, her call comes with a vengeance. According to a 2019 study investigating the prevalence of menstrual symptoms among a survey group of nearly 43,000 women aged 15-45, during their periods: 


  • Approximately 85% of women experience dysmenorrhea (pain) for at least one day;
  • About 70% of women experience increased tiredness; 
  • Around 77% of women experience perimenstrual psychological complaints; 
  • And more than half of women report headaches, back pain, and heavy bleeding. (1) 


Additionally, the study asked women whether or not these symptoms interfered with their ability to complete everyday tasks. An alarming 38.4% reported that during their period, they are either unable to complete all daily tasks or none at all. (1) Of course, as with any survey study, there are many variables that can impact results. The clear takeaway here is that you’re not alone in experiencing these symptoms. Comforting? Maybe. Does it make it any easier to deal with? Probably not. Has modern medicine found the cure? Definitely not. But what if we told you that you could use CBD for periods? 


How to use CBD for Periods


CBD and The ECS


CBD works in a system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which has receptors in nearly every area of your body. Although cannabis (which includes hemp) has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, the ECS was only discovered back in the 1990’s. Since then, researchers have determined that the primary function of this system is to help maintain homeostasis, or balance, throughout the body. 


Balance is often what females are missing during the more challenging weeks of their cycle. Whether you’re facing mood fluctuations, heightened stress, discomfort, or anything else, these symptoms often get in the way of performing everyday tasks. This can take a toll on your energy and mental well-being. 


Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so there won’t be a one-size-fits-all CBD dose or routine that results in a transformative menstrual experience. While the first step will always be to establish a daily, consistent baseline routine with ingestible products, there are a few ways to use CBD for periods.


Our two-pronged attack. 

Having worked with over 100,000 members, we consistently hear that topical and ingestible CBD in tandem is the best way to address menstrual-related woes. However, it’s important to keep in mind that CBD is not used to treat underlying conditions. It can be used to address the symptoms of conditions by amplifying your body’s natural balancing and healing properties through the ECS. 


By using a combination of topical and ingestible CBD, we can address health goals from both the inside out and the outside in. Ingestible CBD is often used to address more holistic concerns, such as stress, sleep, and mood. It can also be a wonderful way to help address discomfort internally! Topical CBD, on the other hand, is best used for targeted relief, most frequently for discomfort. It can  be used for aromatherapeutic benefits as well. Keep in mind, topical CBD doesn’t necessarily enter the bloodstream the same way it does when orally ingested, so application will not count toward your daily dose!


CBD for Periods: Stress and Mood 

CBD for PMS Relief: How It Can Help Ease SymptomsMany of our members report heightened stress, moments of overwhelm, and mood fluctuations during their cycle. If this sounds like you, then you may be interested in some of the adjustments below: 


  • Increase your baseline support. If you’re someone that experiences an overall increase in your baseline stress levels, then you may be interested in trying one of our extended-release products (Daily Gummies or Daily Softgels) for all-day support. If you’re already taking a Daily Gummy or Daily Softgel, consider doubling up for stronger support. Or, you can add in a second 4-6 hours after your first for more extended support.
  • Increase your support as-needed. Kids, partner, or coworkers getting on your nerves more than usual? Have to go to an event despite feeling a bit irritable? Episodic Doses may be for you! To increase your support as needed, we suggest using one of our fast-acting products (Daily Drops and Rapid Calming Melts). These can be thrown in your bag and taken on-the-go. You can give this a try for any dips in energy as well! 


CBD for Periods: Discomfort

One of the most commonly reported menstrual symptoms among our members is discomfort. While the majority of members experience this discomfort in the form of menstrual cramping, others report incidents of head pressure and body tension. However discomfort presents for you, CBD may be able to help! 


  • Address discomfort from the inside out. If you experience frequent discomfort all day, then you may want to consider adding in – or increasing your dose of – the Daily Gummies or the Daily Softgels. Both offer more extended support. However, if you are experiencing flare-ups of discomfort, then you may want to consider taking the Daily Drops or Rapid Calming Melts as needed. Just like you do for stress!
  • Address discomfort from the outside in. The most common approach to addressing discomfort is application of the Relief Balm to affected areas. Members most frequently use it on their lower abdomen and back for cramps. It can also be used on the temples, neck, and shoulders for head pressure and muscle tension, or on other parts of the body for any radiating discomfort. 


This all sounds great. How do I get started? 

We know that periods can be overwhelming, and we don’t want finding a routine that works for you to be an added stressor. If you’re looking to address the symptoms of your period, look no further than our CBD and unique Dosage Support team. They are here to listen to what you need and establish a routine to help you accomplish your goals. They’re always available via email at dosage@myeq.com, and would love to connect on the phone once you’ve made a purchase with us! Regardless of where you start, Equilibria is here to meet you where you are and guide you toward a more balanced life. 



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