10-Minute Evening Stretch Routine With Reyna Cohan

An evening routine can be one of the most effective ways to help you get a good night’s sleep. Reyna Cohan of Body Kind Yoga is sharing with us a 10-minute evening wind-down stretch routine to help you release the stresses of the day.


10-Minute Body Positive Evening Stretch Routine With Reyna Cohan

A stressful day can take its toll on our bodies and minds long after the pressures of the day have passed. Because sleep is so important to our overall well-being, setting yourself up for a good night’s rest is one of the best ways to help you get restful, restorative sleep. 

Stretching before bed can aid not only in relieving stress from the day, but can also help you improve flexibility, get your blood flowing and release muscle tension. Because your goal is to fall asleep and stay asleep, a gentle and slow routine that includes mindfulness and focus on your breathing will help prepare your body for bedtime. Taking even a few minutes to let your body and mind let go of your tension and stress can help calm your mind, boost your mood, aid in restoring a dependable sleep cycle, and get you in the right state to feel overall more balanced.

Stretching RoutineReyna Cohan created Body Kind Yoga as a resource that meets you where you are, without judgment or expectations about capability. She shares accessible, inclusive flows, tips, and meditations on her YouTube channel if you’d like to see more of her offerings. Partnering with Equilibria, Reyna has developed a simple, effective evening stretching routine that’s adaptable to meet you where you are and can help you unwind from a busy day and get yourself ready for a great night’s sleep. So change into your comfy clothes, take your Nightly Sleep Gummies, before you get started, and unwind the day’s tension and stress.