3 Ways To Change Up Your CBD Routine This Summer

Happy Summer! Now that we’re in the middle of June, it’s safe to say that summer is officially in full swing. With COVID restrictions being slowly lifted, it’s so wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy summer 2021 as much as we can.  


When your life changes, it’s normal for your CBD routine to change. Just like changing up your skincare routine from winter products to warm-weather products, many people like to change up their CBD routine to address their summer needs.  


From 2020 to now, a lot has changed in a short amount of time. This summer may look very different from your summer last year!  I know that I’m not alone when I say that it’s really a much-needed change to see friends again and go on outings, getting back into the office, and finally connecting with our loved ones in person. It feels like we have a lot of catching up to do! The needs you had last winter might be different than the needs and health goals you have this summer! It’s normal for your CBD routine to change with the seasons, and ebb and flow depending on your level of activity.


3 ways you can change up your CBD routine this summer


Consider a Mid-Day Episodic Dose of Drops

3 Ways To Change Up Your CBD Routine This SummerWe often hear that CBD is helpful for tackling stress and getting better sleep, but did you know that many people take a mid-day dose of CBD to feel more patient and focused?  One of the ways CBD combats stress is by regulating our stress hormones (like cortisol and adrenaline) and increasing our body’s own “Bliss Molecules” (called anandamide). When we’re operating at our best, we’re feeling calm, clear, and focused. We’re able to make logical decisions and tackle our stressors with ease. Many of our members find that a daytime dose of CBD helps them keep a clear and level head, even when things get stressful!  


We are all learning how to re-integrate being around groups of people and having a social calendar to tend to. To help you reacclimate to social engagements, you might really like an Episodic Dose of Daily Drops (like ½ Dropper) before heading out of the house.  I find that this small micro-dose of CBD helps me feel calm, more present, and able to “not sweat the small stuff” — that way I can truly live in the moments of life as they come!  When I switch from wintertime to summertime, I always add in an additional daytime dose of CBD — just to help me stay calm during this busy time of year! 


If you’re historically someone who only takes Daily Drops in the evening before bed, consider taking a small dose in the daytime and take note of any shifts in mood.  I hear from women time and time again that a small ½ dropper of CBD can offer a daytime boost to move through the day with less effort, and more ease.


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Switch It Up: Try A Topical CBD Product

Here at Equilibria, we recommend having a daily CBD routine where you’re taking an ingestible CBD product each day: either Daily Drops, Daily Softgelsor both!  We’ve found that this is the best way to see therapeutic results with CBD: consistent, daily use.  If you’re someone who is loyal to your Drops/Softgel routine, consider changing things up by adding a topical product into the mix! 


A topical CBD product may be just the thing you’ve been missing out on! Our body is covered in cannabinoid receptors from head to toe, and many people rely on topical CBD products for easing discomfort, addressing inflammation, and reducing tension.  I find myself really leaning on Equilibria’s topical CBD products during summer because my level of activity is increasing, and along with it: sore muscles, bug bites, and sunburns — all those lovely signs of a good time outdoors.  


Ways I use my Equilibria products during the summer:

Relief Balm on itchy bug bites (really calms them quickly!)

Energizing Roller before my morning walk as a “pick-me-up” 

Bath Bombs for when I want to unwind after a long day outside 

Mindful Mineral Soak for days where I have sore muscles or a tense neck


Try our Rapid Calming Melts for Family Outings and Trips

3 Ways To Change Up Your CBD Routine This SummerWhenever I’m packing up my backpack to head out of the house for a quick getaway or family outing, I always bring my Rapid Calming Melts.  They’re great because I can throw them in my purse and use them during those moments of extra stress or anytime the social activities become overwhelming.  


While the Rapid Calming Melts aren’t intended for everyday use, they’re great to use during times of intense stress because they kick in FAST.  The Melts are so discreet — just place one under your tongue until it dissolves and leaves behind a nice refreshing minty taste.  I love that they kick in so quickly (about 10 minutes) so they can be used to calm down in a pinch.  


Last week, I went on an out-of-town trip for the first time in several months, and I noticed as I left the house that my stress levels were rising for no particular reason.  I was feeling increasingly worried and frazzled about traveling, so I popped a Rapid Calming Melt under my mask and let it dissolve.  Within a few minutes, I could feel myself breathing deeper, feeling calmer, and just enjoying the wait — rather than feeling annoyed and frantic.  That’s a good example of the powers of CBD! 


Learn about the unique, quick-onset technology behind the Rapid Calming Melts 


Along with your sunscreen, snacks, and swimsuit — consider adding the Rapid Calming Melts to your next vacation getaway bag! 


Not sure where to go from here?

If you’ve used your Equilibria products for at least a week, you’re welcome to set up your complimentary 1-on-1 Dosage Consultation where you’ll have a phone call with your very own Dosage Specialist! Anyone who’s purchased from Equilibria can head over to www.myeq.com/dosage and log in to set up their consultation with a trained cannabis educator. We’ll listen to you, learn more about your daily schedule and health goals, and come up with a personalized routine tailored to your individual needs. Our Dosage Support team is also always happy to hear from you — whether you’re new or a loyal EQ member — you can always email us at dosage@myeq.com  


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