4 Powerful Products to Add CBD Into Your Skincare Routine

Whether you’re a CBD veteran or are just starting out, you’re probably aware of the long list of benefits ingested CBD can offer. From alleviating stress and improving your quality of sleep, to easing muscle tension and headaches, it’s no wonder why millions of Americans across the country are giving CBD a go. According to one of the latest surveys conducted in 2019 by Consumer Reports, 64 million Americans said they had tried CBD, or cannabidiol, in the past 24 months.


But does CBD have the same effects when used in skincare? According to Cedars-Sinai, using a skincare product that contains CBD may help with treating dry skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis due to its powerful soothing properties. It can also help keep acne at bay as it has shown to be effective in slowing the production of sebum. 


While all of those benefits sound great, it’s important to consider the quality of the CBD product you are using on your skin before purchasing. Make sure you’re buying from a trusted brand, and that the product contains exactly what is on the label. At Equilibria, quality and consistency are everything to us. Our CBD is hand-harvested, cleanly extracted, single-source, and third-party lab-tested to provide you with the best product possible. Learn more about our practices here. 


Here you’ll find our top recommended products to add CBD to your skincare routine head to toe, along with what’s in them and how to use them. 


4 Powerful Products to Add CBD Into Your Skincare Routine


Relief Balm

4 powerful products to add CBD to your skincare routineGreat for easing topical discomfort, and relieving dry skin, Relief Balm can be used multiple times a day as needed and kicks in within minutes. With 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, this shea butter-based balm features hemp flower oil, coconut oil, menthol, arnica, lavender, and rosemary. It’s commonly used for arthritis, jaw discomfort, ovarian/uterine discomfort, headache relief, muscle soreness, and even on the feet after a long day in heels. 


How to use: For targeted relief — apply to sore or dry areas, starting with a pea-sized amount and adding as needed. Relief Balm does not enter the bloodstream the same way CBD does when you orally ingest it, so it’s perfectly safe to use as frequently as you’d like on problem areas.


Daily Treatment Oil

4 powerful products to add CBD to your skincare routineLooking to give your skin a much-needed soothing treatment after getting through winter weather? Daily Treatment Oil is packed with 7 nutrient-rich botanicals + 500mg of premium, full-spectrum CBD, and nothing more to nourish and renew deep into the layers of your skin. Safe for all skin types, Daily Treatment Oil was made to

  • Increase skin hydration
  • Support epidermal elasticity 
  • Protect skin’s protective barrier
  • Deliver topical antioxidants
  • Soothe and clarify the skin


With consistent use, consumers saw an increase in skin hydration, a decrease in skin redness and irritation, and overall smoother skin. 


How to use: Apply as needed on face and body morning and night as your last step in your skincare routine to lock in the benefits of any water-based moisturizers or serums.


Mineral Soak

4 powerful products to add CBD to your skincare routineBoasting over 30 minerals, this powerful soak is delicately infused with 200mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD to calm the body and purify and moisturize the skin. Gardenia and jasmine aromatic oil blends nourish skin and invigorate senses with modern floral and grapefruit notes. You’ll leave your bath not only feel refreshed and de-stressed, but your skin will feel silky smooth. 


How to use: Pour approximately 1/4 of your bag (2oz) into a full warm bath. Relax and enjoy. 


Roller Duo

4 powerful products to add CBD to your skincare routineOur Dynamic Roller Duo offers 75mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD to relieve pressure points, regulate mood, and ease topical discomfort. If you’re looking to reset and get a boost of energy, reach for the Peppermint + Jasmine + Lemon roller. Want to wind down and bliss out? Consider the Lavender + Bergamot + Rosewood blend. Both also feature coconut oil to soothe and smooth skin. 


How to use: Shake roller well before use. Apply to temples, inner wrist, places of discomfort, or dry skin.


For help with your CBD routine, our Certified Wellness Coaches are here for you! You can set up a phone appointment today by going to www.myeq.com/wellness/ and logging into your account, or you can email us at wellness@myeq.com