5 Ways to Curate Your Space for Fall

Fall is in the air, and we couldn’t be more excited. Cozy blankets? Big flannels? Pumpkins? Count us in! Creating a space you feel comfortable in from season to season is a great way to refresh your routine. If you’re looking to update your space this fall we have a few tips for you. 

1. Declutter your spaceWoman organizing drawer

Everyone feels happier in a tidier space, so decluttering is always a great place to start. Whether it’s dropping off that donation pile or simply removing those things that aren’t used anymore, decluttering will make your space feel cleaner and more comfortable. 


2. Find a fall scent to make your space feel calm

There are so many ways to bring the scent of fall into your home (candles, cinnamon brooms, or baking cookies, to name a few). The sense of smell is very powerful and having a space that smells cozy can help you feel more relaxed day to day. 


3. Make sure your daily habits are visible to you

Notebook with Roller Duo

When curating your space, make sure you’re keeping your daily habits in mind. Your mental space is just as important as your physical space, so create an environment for your daily habits to thrive. Set out your journal, CBD, and other daily habits in a place where you see them every day. 


4. Refresh your lounge space

It’s time to bring out those cozy fall blankets and the festive decorations! Stick to warmer colors if you’re trying to stay festive, but lighter colors can always help brighten up a space if you need a bit of a refresh. When adding decorations to your space, we encourage you to try finding them second-hand or checking out what local businesses have to offer. 


5. Carve out a comfy areaWoman reading book in bed with blanket

Build out a little space just for you and use it as a place to go reset and relax. This can be your bedroom, a cozy corner, or even just a chair with your favorite blanket. However you build out your space, make sure it’s intentional and a place you can enjoy.