6 Things Every Bridesmaid Needs in Her Wedding Kit

Bridesmaids are the unsung heroes of any wedding — always there to handle last-minute emergencies and keep the bride calm and collected. A bridesmaid kit with a few bachelorette party and wedding day essentials can help keep things running smoothly no matter what. Here are six things you won’t want to forget.

6 Things Every Bridesmaid Needs in Her Wedding Kit

If you want to secure your place of honor within the wedding party, it never hurts to be the most prepared bridesmaid. A well-stocked bridesmaid kit will ensure everything is close at hand for any last-minute bridal emergencies that come your way.

Bridesmaid kit1. Hair supplies

When photos are being taken non-stop, you want to be sure everyone is looking their best all day long. All of the activity of the day can take its toll on wedding day hair, leaving the bride or wedding party members in need of a touch-up. A hair repair kit including bobby pins and hairspray can come to the rescue of a drooping updo or fix whatever damage a spin on the dance floor can do.

2. Smile refreshers

Big grins are the theme of the day, so make sure they’re camera-ready at all times! After the bride grabs a bite to eat or right before a memory-making moment like the first dance, swing by the restroom for a quick mirror check. You and the bride will both be glad you included floss, disposable toothbrushes preloaded with toothpaste, and a tube of the bride’s lip color as well as your own in your bridesmaid kit.

3. Safety pins

Safety pins are the duct tape of weddings: they’ll come in handy for much more than you imagine! Whether there’s a torn hem, a popped button, a broken zipper, or a wayward dress strap, including safety pins in your bridesmaid kit is always a good choice.

4. First aid necessitiesBridesmaid kit

No matter how well-planned an event is, there will always be a few bumps, bruises, or surprises. Make sure you’re prepared for any minor mishaps by stocking your kit with bandages, pain reliever, tweezers, travel-sized contact solution, and menstrual supplies.

5. Stain stick or wipes

When the party is in full swing, stains are bound to happen. Too much fun on the dance floor, eating while chatting, and over-exuberant toasts can all lead to unexpected stains and spots. Keep that formal wear looking fresh with a stain stick or wipe to ensure the stain doesn’t have a chance to set (patch test on an inconspicuous area first).

Bridesmaid kit6. Rapid Calming Melts

Day-of nervousness is sure to crop up at some point, and you want to be prepared! EQ’s Rapid Calming Melts quickly deliver 5mg of premium CBD to help soothe overwhelm in times of high stress. Discreetly dissolve a melt under the tongue to relieve jitters and restore a sense of calm on the spot. Make sure anyone who might use Rapid Calming Melts on the big day gives them a try ahead of time — it’s a good idea not to try anything new to you at a special event!


If you have any questions about incorporating CBD into your pre-wedding prep routine, we’re here to help! Explore our weddings page. Additionally you can reach out to our Certified Wellness Coaches can provide you with information about our products and how best to use them. Call or email to set up your consultation.