CBD Bath Soak Essentials

Whether you’re treating yourself to a weekend time-out from your daily grind or sneaking in some well-deserved self-care after a rough day on the job, there’s nothing like slipping into a soothing bath. But taking a brief dip in your tub could also be hugely beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. In fact, a small 2018 study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that even 10-minute baths resulted in less fatigue, stress, and discomfort. As well as “significantly better general health, mental health, role emotional, and social functioning scores.” Make it a CBD bath soak, and you’re in for an even more relaxing, wellness-bolstering experience. That’s because cannabidiol, or CBD, is more easily absorbed through the skin when a warm bath causes enhanced skin permeability, amplifying how you’ll feel the cannabinoid’s effects. In other words, a CBD bath soak could serve as the ultimate self-care treat! Here are six bath soak essentials that can help turn a regular soak into the ultimate self-care treat.


CBD Bath Soak Essentials


  1. Equilibria Mindful Mineral Soak

CBD Bath Soak EssentialsWhen you envision that perfect steamy soak, chances are you envision that steamy tub, your go-to chill-out playlist, maybe a perfumed candle or a glass of your favorite rosé. But you’d be remiss to skip out on adding muscle-soothing minerals — like sea salt, which has been associated with stimulating circulation, and easing muscle cramps, helping to relieve stiffness in joints — then enhanced with relaxing CBD. 


Equilibria’s Mindful Mineral Soak is packed with over 30 minerals and infused with 200mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD. What’s more, it offers aromatherapy benefits, thanks to its gardenia. And jasmine aromatic oil blends nourish skin. And invigorate senses with modern floral and grapefruit notes. 


For a limited time, you can try Equilibria’s newest Relaxation Soak. This relaxing, self-care soak also contains over 30 minerals, and is infused with dried lavender, calming vanilla, Mediterranean Sea and Dead Sea salt. A perfect way to treat yourself to some self care!


For both soaks: Pour approximately 1/4 of your bag/jar (2 oz.) into a full warm bath. Relax and enjoy.



  1. Equilibria Balance Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Soak EssentialsResearchers have found that aromatherapy can serve as an aid for stress and discomfort. So, whether you want to enhance your soak with a hefty dose of calming, uplifting lavender and lemongrass. Or invigorating, soothing, and romantic cardamom rose, you might consider reaching for a luxurious bath bomb. Packed with 50mg of full-spectrum CBD meant to center the mind and relax the body. What’s more, Equilibria’s formulation includes a coconut oil cleanser and avocado oil to leave your skin feeling extra-silky.


To use: Unwrap a bath bomb, and drop into a full bath of hot or warm water. 

  1. Dynamic Roller Duo

CBD Bath Soak EssentialsAdding even more fuel to your relaxing routine, you could apply Equilibria’s Dynamic Roller Duo, featuring the company’s proprietary essential oil blends, prior to or during your soak. Each multi-purpose roller offers 75mg of full-spectrum, premium CBD to relieve pressure points, regulate mood, and ease topical discomfort. If you’re looking to reset and get a boost of energy, reach for the Peppermint + Jasmine + Lemon roller. Want to wind down and bliss out? Consider the Lavender + Bergamot + Rosewood blend. Both also feature coconut oil to soothe and smooth skin. 


To use: Shake roller well before use. Apply to temples, inner wrist, places of acute discomfort, or dry skin.


  1. Daily Drops

CBD Bath Soak EssentialsSure, sipping a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec before or during your watery self-care routine might be appealing, but you might find even more — or at least additional — benefit from a dose of Equilibria’s Daily Drops. Featuring Colorado-grown, activated full-spectrum hemp flower oil CBD concentrate and MCT oil, the calm- and balance-boosting formulation — available in regular and extra strength — delivers targeted, fast-acting results, so you can more easily achieve a restful state of mind, be more present during your soak, and enjoy reduced tension.


To use: Take Daily Drops right after a meal for increased efficacy. If you’re just getting started with the product, try one full 1ml (10mg) dropper. Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. Wait 15 minutes. If you don’t feel any effect, take another full dropper. You can also schedule your one-on-one dosage consultation to further personalize your dose. 



Extra Tips To Level Up Your CBD Bath Soak


Soothing Candle

If you want to set the mood, lighting is key. And candles can provide the perfect, warm, romantic ambiance for zoning out in a relaxing soak. Choose one that features an essential oil blend that’s matched to your desired mood-altering effect. A couple to try: The Little Market Lavender Candle to boost your sense of calm or The Little Market Peppermint Candle to stimulate your senses and energize. Both are made from a coconut-soy wax blend. And are also vegan, phthalate-free, Prop 65 compliant, and not tested on animals.  


Dry Brush

If you’re looking for an adjunct therapy to take your bath ritual to the next level, you might want to consider dry brushing. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the mechanical action of the process can: 

  • Increase blood circulation and promote lymph flow/drainage  
  • Unclog pores in the exfoliation process. 
  • Stimulate your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated.

One to try: Belula Premium Dry Brushing Body Set, which offers a body brush, face brush, and pair of exfoliating gloves to cover all your bases.