Dry January and Beyond: CBD vs. Alcohol

January finds many of us committing to new habits or trying to give up old ones that no longer serve us well. One target of many New Year’s resolutions is so common that there’s a whole month devoted to it: Dry January. Starting the year off with a month without alcohol has become a popular way to try to start anew after the excesses of the holiday season. Equilibria’s premium CBD can be a great alternative to your nightly glass of wine or cocktail, whether it’s just for the month or as part of an ongoing lifestyle change. Here’s why you should consider using CBD vs alcohol.


Dry January and Beyond: CBD vs. Alcohol


Get more restful sleep with CBD vs alcohol 

Dry January and Beyond: CBD vs. AlcoholAlcohol is commonly used as a sleep aid, but while alcohol’s sedative effect can help you fall asleep, it takes a toll on the quality of that sleep. Your nightly glass of wine or cocktail can disrupt your normal sleep patterns, often causing restless sleep, breathing problems, and fragmented or interrupted sleep. These effects can leave you feeling not your best the next morning, whether from a hangover or a poor night’s sleep (or both!). 


Equilibria CBD, by contrast, helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Many of our members report being able to fall asleep more easily, as well as having deeper, more restful sleep with regular usage of CBD oil. Higher quality sleep can help with focus, mood, and centeredness throughout the day.


Reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm

Many people reach for a glass of wine or a cocktail as a stress reliever. Unfortunately, while it may help in the moment, the overall effects of alcohol mean that those temporary feelings of relaxation can come with dehydration, nausea, negative mood changes, and more. Use CBD vs alcohol as our premium CBD oil helps ease stress and soothe overwhelm while helping to maintain balance without the effects associated with alcohol.


Dry January and Beyond: CBD vs. AlcoholEnjoyment without the impairment

One of the reasons many people look to reduce or eliminate their alcohol usage is the impairment that accompanies it. Alcohol’s intoxicating effects can alter your mood and judgment, as well as affecting you physically in a number of different ways you might be looking to avoid. For those who’d rather not experience the impairment that alcohol results in, using our full-spectrum CBD vs alcohol offers a way to ease stress and to relax after a busy day without the effects alcohol can bring. 


If you enjoy the ritual of your evening glass of wine or cocktail, try substituting a mocktail to accompany your CBD dose. We don’t recommend mixing CBD into your drink, as it affects the bioavailability of the CBD — that is, how efficiently your body uses it. Try taking your Daily Softgel with a mocktail instead of a glass of water, or take a dropper of your Daily Drops and then sip an alcohol-free drink that complements the flavor of the drops. Need an idea to get you started? Try one of these mocktails to pair with your Daily Drops.


CBD vs. AlcoholMint Mock-jito

Pairs with: Mint Daily Drops


1 – 2 sprigs mint leaves, plus 1 sprig for garnish

2 lime wedges

½ – 1 tsp sweetener of your choice (sugar, honey, agave, etc.)

8 oz. sparkling water 

Muddle mint, lime, and sweetener at the bottom of a glass. Add ice and fill with sparkling water. Garnish with mint sprig.



Dry January and Beyond: CBD vs. AlcoholSparkling Cranberry-Orange Spritzer

Pairs with: Winter Citrus Daily Drops


2 oz. cranberry juice

2 oz. fresh-squeezed orange juice

4 oz. sparkling water

½ – 1 tsp sweetener of your choice (optional)

Fresh cranberries or orange slice for garnish

Combine all ingredients over ice. Garnish with orange slice or fresh cranberries.