Feeling Stiff and Sore? Try These 4 Tips

Whether you are trying to unwind from work or you’re getting back into the groove of moving your body for warm weather activities, feeling stiff and sore shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the things you love. Adding CBD is a great boost as you ramp up your activities, and adding lifestyle changes can set you up for even more success!  Here are some quick tips on soothing soreness and stiffness, so you can stay on-the-go! 


4 Tips for Easing Discomfort when you’re Stiff and Sore


soothing soreness and stiffness1. Start Low and Slow

Whenever starting your CBD routine, we always suggest going low and slow. The same advice applies when kickstarting a new fitness routine or when getting back into your active lifestyle! It’s important to ease back into a more active regimen, and allow your body to reacclimate at its own pace- this might look like starting out with some  low impact activities. By starting slowly with how much activity you are incorporating in a short period, you are helping to prevent your body from becoming too sore or stiff  and causing further discomfort to your body. 


For example, if you are looking to start running, try starting with a combination of a 3 minute walk / 2 minute run around your neighborhood for 10 to 15 minutes. Slowing decrease the amount of time you walk and increase the amount of time you run, as you stick with it! 



 2. Keep Your Body Moving

Keeping your body moving can actually be a proactive way to ease the soreness and stiffness that often accompanies stress or increased activity. Movement doesn’t have to be high intensity or take a lot of time, rather, the goal is to move your body in some way, every day!  Flexibility is a great way to practice body awareness, as you tune into how your body is feeling day to day and also observe your progress over time. It is also a great way to keep your body moving and can also help in preventing further discomfort as you increase your active lifestyle. 


Activities like yoga make it easy to incorporate flexibility into your routine while also focusing on body awareness. The more you spend time listening to your body, it becomes easier to tune in and more readily notice your body’s responses to change with your CBD and lifestyle routine. Learn the benefits of practicing Yoga and start by trying a session on YouTube with Reyna from Body Kind Yoga or joining a local class. 



 3. Consistency is KEYsoothing soreness and stiffness

It’s normal that starting out you might miss a day here and there, but the key to success is to not dwell on it and simply get back on track as quickly as possible! It takes about two months for a routine to become a habit. If you are having troubles with keeping consistent, try pairing your activities alongside your CBD routine. By pairing your routine together, you are giving yourself an easy reminder and a way to hold yourself accountable. Just like with your CBD routine, enjoying activities without soreness and stiffness afterwards takes time as your body adjusts to higher levels of movement. 


Starting or ending your day with your CBD dose and incorporating light movements such as stretching or an evening stroll around your neighborhood are easy ways to start and stay consistent with your routine. Use your alarm on your phone to create a schedule and keep you on track. Add journaling to keep notes on your progress to help with reflecting on changes within your body. 


4. Practice Pre-Care…

Just like we fuel our bodies with food to support our activities, you can support your body and ease discomfort, soreness, and stiffness by practicing pre-care before you even start your day. Being proactive with your pre-care is easy with adding Relief Balm into your CBD routine! With a powerful blend of CBD and botanical oils, this balm allows you to be proactive on target areas before you start your day or activities. 


Try applying the Relief Balm to any trouble spots as you take your morning dose or before you start your activities to help support reducing discomfort. Massage the balm deeping into thin, venous areas and on the bottoms of your feet for extra support – a mini self-care massage can do wonders for tense muscles and prepping for more strenuous activity


soothing soreness and stiffness5. …and Post-Care (extra tip)

How we take care of our bodies after a stressful period or after a day of activities is just as important as how we treat our bodies at the beginning of the day. By incorporating massages and applying your Recovery Roll-On is a great way to get rapid relief with any soreness and stiffness while you unwind for the day or after your favorite activity. 


Apply your Recovery Roll-on right after activities for quick acting relief from soreness in problem areas before it starts! Sometimes we feel sore hours after higher impact activities or even the day after, but post-care can be a proactive or preventative measure. 

As the weather warms up, many of our members are going outside and adding more active elements to their day to day. Here at Equilibria, we know how important getting out and moving is for self care. Don’t let sore and stiff muscles stand in your way of enjoying your favorite activities. Want to learn more CBD and discomfort? Develop your personalize your CBD routine with our Member Education Team and speak with a CBD specialists to get your routine started. For more questions, email us at dosage@myeq.com.