How To Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Workout Routine

You’re watching your favorite fitness influencer raving about how Equilibria has been life-changing for her fitness journey and now, you’re curious how you can add it into your daily workout routine. After clicking the link to Equilibria in her bio, you scroll through a variety of products on the website: Recovery Roll-On, Relief Balm, Daily Drops, Daily Softgels, Daily Gummies…Which ones do I buy? How often can I use them? When do I use them? How can CBD help?

Not only do we cover how CBD can be worthwhile for fitness enthusiasts, we’ve also compiled a list of our most popular CBD workout hacks to help you feel confident and transform your daily workout routine. Read on to learn more!

How Can Adding CBD Into My Daily Workout Routine Help?

daily workout routineThe simple answer is by supporting your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This incredible regulatory system has wide-reaching effects far beyond calming benefits or encouraging restful sleep. The ECS manages, balances, and optimizes many of our other important body functions that can support energy, physical discomfort, and body temperature to name just a few.

Your body inherently creates its own endocannabinoids that work alongside the ECS. One of the most well-known being Anandamide, which is often referred to as the “bliss molecule”. When coupled with cannabinoid receptors in the ECS, Anandamide can induce the feeling of a “runner’s high” as well as soothe physical discomfort. Research suggests that activities such as your HIIT session or morning run can even lead to higher levels of Anandamide.

Although exercise can boost your Anandamide, stress has been shown to more quickly break it down before we can use it, which can lead to less availability of this important endocannabinoid to interplay and support more balance within the ECS. So, where does CBD come into the picture? CBD is a phytocannabinoid, which mimics your body’s own endocannabinoids. Some research explores the potential of CBD and its role in supporting the levels of available Anandamide in the body. All that said, it’s possible that pairing exercise with CBD could have positive effects on the body.

Reasons to incorporate CBD into workout:daily workout routine

o   Capitalizing on the feel good bliss molecules from the workout

o   Promoting muscle recovery from exercise-induced stress on the body

o   Easing mobility and discomfort

o   Easing into more relaxed state

o   Promoting restful sleep to support regeneration of body

How to Add CBD into your daily routine:

Here are a few ways you can bounce back from a tough workout and go from sore to restored

1. Double down on recovery with both a topical and an ingestible product. Incorporating both topical CBD and ingestible CBD can help you maximize the benefits both inside and out. We suggest immersing yourself in our luxurious Mindful Mineral Soak before bed to subdue stress and soreness and popping a Daily Gummy in the morning to enhance daytime recovery. You can choose your own adventure!

daily workout routine2. Take your CBD consistently before and/or after your workout. We’ve created the Recovery Roll-On specifically for those with active lifestyles so it can be an excellent tool to throw in your gym bag for quick, mess-free relief. Apply your Recovery Roll-On or Relief Balm on your joints or muscles before a workout to help extend the duration of your workout or after to target sore areas. Take a full dropper of Daily Drops (10mg/1mL) before a workout for a boost or after your sweat session for a more chill cool down session.

3.  Keep your stress in check. Everyday little stressors can take a toll on your body. In addition to engaging in deep breathing and journaling, taking your CBD throughout the day might help mitigate stress and leave you feeling calm, keeping your ECS in tip top shape. We like a Daily Softgel for a daytime defense against stress.

4. Soothe your body into deep sleep. Sleep is another vital component for recovery. After dinner, try taking a Softgel before bed for long-lasting support. As you wind down for bed, gently massage Relief Balm into your feet and other achy areas to promote restoration and restful sleep. Pairing your evening dose with this stretch routine can be a fabulous way to unwind and help prepare your body for bed.

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The Bottom Line:

daily workout routineWhether you’re jumping into a new workout regimen or changing up your existing daily workout routine, CBD can be a fantastic tool to add to your workout repertoire. For those who are new to CBD, we have a personalization quiz here to guide you on what products to try and where to start. If you’d prefer to get in touch with our cannabis educators to determine the best place to begin for your unique needs, contact us at