How to Stay Calm This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a magical time, filled with joy, abundance, love…and also, stress, exhaustion, and a general lack of energy. With so many things on our to-do lists and so much to get done in such a short time, is it any wonder that many of us need help coping with holiday overwhelm? Don’t worry, EQ is here to help you stay calm with our tips for how to fully enjoy this holiday season, and everything that comes with it.


If holiday decorating isn’t going as planned:

How to Stay Calm This Holiday SeasonCreating a warm, festive atmosphere at home is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, even when those unexpected curveballs come your way. Whether you’re trying to find the single lightbulb out in a string of lights, your kids have “rearranged” the tablescape you worked on for hours, or your cat decided to climb the tree and you hear the telltale crashing of ornaments, look to EQ’s Rapid Calming Melts to keep you from feeling overwhelmed when things take an unexpected turn.


If you overindulged at the holiday party or family dinner:

So many fun holiday activities are centered around abundant food and festivities. However, sometimes you might find yourself overdoing it just a bit. If you’re regretting that last cookie at the office party, try massaging Relief Balm onto your stomach from right to left in a clockwise motion to relieve feelings of bloating or discomfort.*


Shouldn’t have had that last glass of your aunt’s special spiked eggnog? Treat yourself to a little self-care after overindulging with a small dose (5-10 mg) of our Daily Drops first thing the next morning, paired with a banana or other potassium-rich food.


If you still have a pounding head from all those dinner table “conversations”:

How to Stay Calm This Holiday SeasonDo big family gatherings remind you why you only see certain relatives at the holidays? If you’re feeling stressed and worn down from all that togetherness, use our Dynamic Roller Duo to bring a little balance back into your day. Roll on the scent of your choice to your temples (along the hairline, about ½ inch above the highest point of your ear) and the pressure point between your thumb and index finger. Take several slow, deep breaths, inhaling deeply and letting the aromatherapeutic scent calm and restore you.*

Editor’s Note: The Dynamic Roller Due has been discontinued.

If you can’t seem to fall asleep at night:

How to Stay Calm This Holiday SeasonFor as much fun as they are, the holidays can be exhausting, but you might still have trouble switching out of “busy mode” to fall asleep. If your body is telling you that you need to rest more, listen to it! A stress-free holiday season starts with making sure you’re rested, restored, and ready to handle whatever’s next. Our fast-acting Rapid Sleep Melts can help you quickly get into sleep mode after a busy day so you can wake up refreshed.*


If crowded stores send your stress levels skyrocketing:

Checking off everyone on your gift list can mean packed stores and long lines. Stay calm amidst the chaos with EQ’s new Stress Gummies. Have a gummy before braving the crowds and keep your cool even when that perfect gift is out of stock or you’ve just been bumped into for what feels like the hundredth time.*

With EQ’s help, a stress-free holiday season is well within your reach. Not only can our premium products help you maintain your calm through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but they make great gifts, as well! Shop from the comfort of home with our Holiday Gift Guide and give the gift of less stress to all your loved ones.