How To Stay Present This Holiday Season

Last year, so many of us missed so much of what makes the holiday season special. Whether you had to forgo time with your loved ones, longtime seasonal traditions, or even a favorite dish from a beloved relative, chances are, you’re anticipating celebrating this year’s festivities even more than usual. With already chaotic schedules, a to-do list a mile long, and a calendar that seems to be flying by, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of what you love about the holidays. Let Equilibria help you stay present and be in the moment this season, so you can truly enjoy getting back to all of the things you’ve missed with the ones you hold most dear. Here you’ll find a few tips on how to stay present this holiday season. 


How To Stay Present This Holiday Season


Allow yourself to focus on the positive

How to remain present this holiday seasonWhen every store is sold out of that one perfect gift or holiday planning becomes a logistical nightmare, it can be tempting to dwell on everything that’s going wrong. When nothing seems to be going right, take a moment with our Reset Gift Set. Let a Rapid Calming Melt dissolve under your tongue to give yourself a fast-acting dose of our full-spectrum CBD, and take a few deep breaths as you roll one of our Dynamic Roller Duo aromatherapeutic rollers on your pulse points. 


Once you’ve re-centered, let yourself focus on the positives. Think about upcoming time with loved ones you may not have seen in a long time, the light in someone’s eyes as they open a gift chosen with love, and the warmth and community the season brings. Don’t dwell on what’s going wrong; try to find the good in each moment.


Don’t dwell on the past… or the future

Remaining present can be difficult if your thoughts often drift to what has come before and what may happen next. We’re beginning to emerge from a time of unprecedented stress and upheaval to our lives and routines, and we carry that with us every day. The future still holds a lot of uncertainty, and that can take over our thoughts as well. Don’t let yourself miss all of the wonder and contentment that can be found in the present. Turn your worry off for a little while with our Presence Gift Set. This limited edition CBD gift set has everything you need to relax your mind and stay in the moment. From the long-lasting relief of Daily Drops to our new luxurious Nourishing Body Oil.


Stay present by surrounding yourself with loved ones

How to remain present this holiday seasonThe greatest gift of the holiday season can’t be wrapped up in a box. Amidst all the events, decorations, and endless shopping lists, the real present is our presence with friends and family. This year, we’re grateful to be reuniting with those we haven’t seen in too long. Which makes it even more important to stay in the moment and enjoy every minute with those you cherish. Rather than getting lost in a sea of things to do and places to go, make the most out of time with the people you love. Even if it’s just doing simple things that require no planning or purchases at all. Giving each other the gift of our presence is what will make this holiday season memorable after so much time apart.


Are the people in your life feeling the stress, too? While you’re sharing time with those closest to you, also share your Savor Gummy Trio, and let them experience the uplifted mood, renewed focus, and sense of calm that our full-spectrum, hand-harvested CBD offers. Our Winter Citrus Daily Drops also make a great stocking stuffer for anyone overwhelmed and stressed by the season, so everyone can be the best versions of themselves when it’s time to get together. 


Equilibria’s luxury gift sets and limited-edition CBD essentials make a perfect gift for anyone who could use the gift of presence this holiday season. Let Equilibria help you fully experience all the joy the season can bring with a renewed sense of calm.