New Summer Mocktails to Keep You Chill

Here at EQ, we’re all about having a Chill Girl Summer this year. And there’s no better way to stay chill — in all senses of the word — than with cool summer mocktails made with our premium CBD Drink Drops! Our mocktail recipes combine lush summer fruits with delicious Drink Drops for a refreshing way to feel centered and relaxed.

CBD Drink Drops Summer Mocktails

If you’re keeping busy and on-the-go this season, help yourself stay balanced and calm while still enjoying everything summer has to offer. Our fast-acting Drink Drops are specially formulated with patent-pending Molecular Dispersion technology to increase absorption and help you feel relaxed and refreshed right away. Drink Drops are a great choice to boost your existing daily CBD routine, and our refreshing mocktail recipes make it easy and delicious to stay chill and enjoy a feeling of true summer relaxation. 


Kick back, relax with your favorite podcast, playlist, or beach read, and sip your way to the ultimate summer chill. 


White Peach and Mango Fizz


Summer CBD Mocktails White Peach and Mango Fizz4 oz. mango nectar, juice or puree

1 squeeze (approx. ½ tsp.) Equilibria White Peach Drink Drops

4 oz. plain sparkling water or seltzer


Peach slice for garnish


Combine mango nectar, juice, or puree and Drink Drops in a glass and stir. Add ice and sparkling water or seltzer. Garnish glass with a peach slice.


Citrus Blackberry Mocktail

Summer CBD Mocktails Citrus Blackberry Mocktail

2 oz. fresh blackberries

2 oz. orange juice

1 tsp. lime juice

1 squeeze (approx. ½ tsp.) Equilibria Sunrise Citrus Drink Drops

4 oz. plain sparkling water or seltzer


Blackberries for garnish


Puree the blackberries, orange juice, and lime juice in a blender or food processor. Strain puree through a fine mesh strainer into a glass to remove seeds. Add Drink Drops and stir. Add ice and top with sparkling water or seltzer. Garnish with blackberries.