Our 4 Favorite Stress Free Travel Tips

Whether you and your family are in need of a change in scenery or you’re enjoying a romantic getaway at a nearby Airbnb, even short-distance travel can be a wonderful way to break out of a rut and decompress. At the same time, you might find that it’s tough to wind down from the daily grind. Are you looking for travel tips? Traveling doesn’t have to be so stressful, especially if you bring your CBD along with you for the journey. 


Here are 4 reasons why CBD can be an awesome travel companion, the next time you hit the road!


 1. Take it with you on the plane

Travel TipsAll of our ingestible products fall within the 3.4oz carry-on limit (check the TSA website for most updated regulations). This means that you can easily take your routine with you wherever you fly within the United States


We work with many members who experience travel-related spikes in stress – especially when flying. We’ve found that while CBD doesn’t take all your worries away, for some, it may certainly help take the edge off. That alone can make a big difference, especially when traveling with little ones!

 2. Support for travel-related stress 

Many of our members use CBD as a tool to help them manage their stress levels on a daily basis. In fact, the majority of our members indicate stress management as their primary health goal! A daily, consistent CBD routine can support a greater sense of calm overall, help you keep your cool when you and the family are packed in for a road trip, and take the edge off of overwhelm when dealing with the inevitable travel delays that can pop up before you reach your vacation destination.  Even when your baseline routine has been serving you well in your day-to-day, traveling can test the even best of us. Your dosage needs might increase based on spikes in your stress – this is where episodic doses can come to the rescue and make sure travel doesn’t spoil your chill vacation vibes.  


In chatting with our jet-setting members, we’ve found that Rapid Calming Melts are a fantastic tool to use in high-stress travel situations. Travel TipsThose who experience peak stress when flying find that taking a Melt before boarding can help them feel more confident navigating moments that would otherwise induce extreme spikes in stress. An extra dose of your Daily Drops (10mg/1mL) can also be used this way – though they are a bit more subtle in effects, they still provide targeted support and can help ease your pre-flight jitters.


With that said, it’s best to start a new routine or new CBD product while you are at home and in the rhythm of your typical lifestyle. This allows you to better determine if your new routine or product is working for you and if it’s a good fit long-term. Additionally, you will know what to expect from your CBD when traveling!


EQ Tip: If you’ve been an EQ fan for a while, you may have some empty jars lying around. Don’t throw them out! They make fantastic little containers to use when packing toiletries, snacks, or even jewelry! Check out this blog post for more tips on reusing your old Equilibria containers!

 3. Better quality sleep

Travel TipsSleeping while in an unfamiliar place can be challenging. Add jetlag on top of that, and you have a recipe for a restless night. Though it may be difficult to maintain your daily CBD routine on the road, it’s important to try your best! Remaining consistent with your CBD routine, especially your evening routine, may help your body adjust more quickly to its new environment by supporting your natural sleep-wake cycle, so you’re feeling recharged and ready for a day of exploring and enjoyment!


The good news is, since CBD isn’t habit-forming and you can’t build a tolerance, if you end up skipping a few days on your vacay there shouldn’t be any negative effects from a missed dose or two. However, you might notice you don’t feel quite as balanced without your daily CBD dose, but remember you can easily get back on track! 


 4. Soothe achy muscles

Whether your legs are sore from being cramped in the few square feet of space you have on a plane, you have a tension headache from driving, or your shoulders are tight from hauling your luggage around, topical CBD might be your new best friend. 


Just as it’s important to support our Endocannabinoid System internally, it’s important to remember the cannabinoid receptors that exist in our skin, especially if we’re experiencing symptoms of imbalance such as discomfort, which can often be exacerbated by travel. For non-greasy, easy to apply relief, check out our Recovery Roll-On. The combination of cooling menthol, soothing white willow bark extract, and our powerful full-spectrum CBD makes for a powerful tool against sore, achy muscles and leaves you feeling refreshed during a long travel day.

Bonus Travel Tip: Connect with your Certified Wellness Coach

If you’re not feeling confident about your current CBD routine, are unsure about how to modify your routine when traveling, or are just looking for some personalized tips for a stress-free trip, reach out to your Certified Wellness Coach! Our Certified Wellness Coaches are experts, and are here to help you throughout your CBD journey with us. 


If you haven’t yet, you can book your complimentary Wellness Coaching Session here! For more on what to expect during your appointment, check out this blog!