Our Favorite Summer Movies

Sure, summertime is a great time to get outdoors and have fun in the sun, but it’s also a great time to relax and enjoy a good summer movie. We love summer movies that make us feel a bit of nostalgia, so the EQ Team came up with a list of some of our favorites!


EQ Team Favorite Movies

Dazed and Confused – Amanda – I love this film because it reminds me of being a teenager growing up in Texas and feeling so restless in the summer.


Call Me By Your Name – Cora – A romantic coming-of-age film set in a beautiful location? Sign me up!


Our Favorite Summer Movies | The Parent TrapThe Parent Trap – Sydney F – Summer camp, shenanigans, and Chessy’s perfect outfits.


Wet Hot American Summer – Amy – This is the kind of movie that makes you wish we never invented texting. Also, Paul Rudd.


A League of Their Own – Maia – The first time I saw it was in a drive-in.


Our Favorite Summer Movies Now and ThenNow and Then – Becca – I feel so much nostalgia about this movie. I felt like a part of the friend group. Plus it features so many favorite actors!


The Sandlot – Kate – Summer adventure and friendship – what more could I want in a movie?


Our Favorite Summer Movies Mamma MiaMamma Mia – Lauren – Bring on the rom-com musical! This one always has me dancing in my living room and swooning over Pierce Brosnan.