Our Ultimate Summer Skincare Tips

Is your skin ready to face the summer? More time outdoors in the sunshine means changing up your summer skincare routine to make sure your skin stays clear and glowing, no matter how high the thermometer climbs. Check out our top summer skincare tips to get that summer glow you’re looking for!

Our Ultimate Summer Skincare Tips


Tip 1: Don’t skimp on the sunscreen

Summer Skincare TipsOut of all the skincare products you reach for this summer, make sure sunscreen is front and center. It’s important to wear sunscreen year-round, but in the summertime, it’s even more critical. How do you know if you’re getting adequate protection from your sunscreen? Start with the SPF. Look for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher that provides broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Some of the best face moisturizers incorporate SPF into their formulation for one-step protection.

Once you’ve found the right sunscreen for you, make sure you’re applying it correctly. Even those who regularly use sunscreen rarely apply enough. For your face, a good estimate is to use enough sunscreen to cover the length of two of your fingers, which is around a quarter to a half an ounce total. It’s also important to make sure you reapply throughout the day. Sunscreen’s efficacy decreases over several hours, so a midday touchup will make sure your skin stays protected from burning.

If you do find yourself having missed a spot, our Relief Balm offers fast-acting relief with menthol, shea butter, and EQ’s premium CBD to soothe the discomfort of sunburn.


Tip 2: Stay hydrated, inside and out

Summer Skincare TipsTo get truly glowing skin, you need to ensure you’re getting enough hydration, both internally and topically. Between the heat and heightened levels of activity, making sure you’re drinking enough water on a daily basis is necessary for your body and skin to stay healthy and function properly. Even if you’re a dedicated water drinker, your hydration needs are likely higher in the summertime, so be sure to increase your intake as needed.

It may seem counterintuitive, but topical hydration should also be an important component of your summer skincare, even if you find yourself sweating or getting oily during the day. Sweat can dehydrate the skin and excess sebum production can be a result of too little moisture in the skin. Even the best face moisturizers aren’t always hydrating enough, so consider introducing a serum into your summer skincare routine. Our Daily Treatment Oil blends CBD and seven powerful botanicals to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Dosage Specialist or check out this article.


Tip 3: Introduce regular exfoliation

Another key way to get that summer glow is to exfoliate on a regular basis. Whether you choose skincare products like a gentle scrub or a chemical exfoliant like an alpha or beta hydroxy acid, you’ll benefit from removing dull, dead skin cells and revealing the fresh skin underneath. If you’d prefer to ease into exfoliating, many face cleansers also have exfoliating properties for an easy, gentle way to wash away those old skin cells.


Tip 4: Stay in the shade

Summer Skincare TipsEven when you’re outdoors enjoying the sunshine, keeping your skin as protected as possible will help keep it healthy and luminous. UV-protection clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, or simply taking refuge under an umbrella can help keep you cool and keep your skin protected from the sun’s strong rays. If you’ve been exerting yourself in the summer heat, make sure to take periodic cool-down breaks. For added cool and calm, store our Dynamic Roller Duo in the fridge and apply to temples and pulse points while you relax in the shade.


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Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Certified Wellness Coach or check out this article.