Stressed About Wedding Planning? How CBD Can Help!

So, you’ve said “yes.” Now what? Preparing for one of the happiest moments of your life can also bring some of the most stressful ones. Let EQ CBD help alleviate the pre-wedding pressure so you can truly enjoy your day.

Stressed About Wedding Planning? How CBD Can Help!

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful; from finding a venue to deciding on details, the planning process can be completely overwhelming. On top of that, managing family pressures and dealing with all of the unexpected snags that crop up can turn your big day into a big hassle. Fortunately, Equilibria is here to help support you while you navigate this complicated, stressful process and stay calm, focused, and balanced while you tackle everything between picking out the invitations and the moment you say “I do.” 

Say “yes” to a CBD routine

Stressed about wedding planningAs soon as your wedding planning starts, so does the stress. Not only do you now have a million details to figure out, but you still need to juggle your everyday life on top of that. It can be overwhelming! Starting a consistent daily CBD routine early on in the process can help you stay less stressed about wedding planning. Because the effects of CBD are cumulative, a consistent daily routine will help ensure you’re getting the most out of the benefits of your CBD.


Our Daily Softgels help support you with long-lasting relief to keep you balanced so you’re better prepared for the demands and tension that comes along with wedding planning. When taken consistently, CBD can help to maintain an uplifted mood and ease your stress response, so you’re ready for whatever comes your way. 

Stay calm through the pressure of planningStressed about wedding planning

Even the most careful of planners will have a few speed bumps in their wedding planning process. Whether the caterer is overbooked, the photographer isn’t answering your emails, or your dress is delayed, planning a wedding is sure to bring some moments of peakacute stress. And when you’re stressed about wedding planning, everything else you’re dealing with on a daily basis can just feel like too much.


For those moments of overwhelm, reach for your EQ Drink Drops. These delicious drops deliver a CBD boost right when you need it. With 5mg of full-spectrum premium CBD along with a patent-pending formula for fast-acting results, Drink Drops can give you the break in your day that you need to regroup, rebalance, and get refreshed to tackle the problem.

Banish day-of jitters

Stressed about wedding planningOnce you’ve gotten through all of the ups and downs of the planning process, it’s finally time to say, “I do.” But wedding-day jitters can get in the way of truly enjoying what you’ve been so looking forward to. From last-minute vendor issues to unexpected family drama, stay centered with the assistance of our premium CBD. 


Our Rapid Calming Melts with 5mg of EQ CBD each are a powerful, effective, discreet option to help you calm those big day nerves and truly enjoy everything you’ve so carefully planned out. Dissolve a melt under your tongue for on-the-spot support to keep you relaxed and focused on what’s really important. Don’t let your jitters get the best of you; let EQ support you on your big day and everything leading up to it. 

No matter where you are between “Will you?” and “I do,” you’re probably feeling stressed about wedding planning. Our Calm+ Bundle has everything you need to get started on a daily CBD routine to help ease stress and maintain a feeling of calm. Schedule your Wellness Coaching Session with our Certified Wellness Coaches to help personalize your routine for your specific needs and concerns.