Summer Horoscopes for your Chill Girl Summer

Summer Horoscopes for your Chill Girl Summer


summer horoscopesHere are your SUMMER Horoscopes! Don’t miss out on all that this Chill Girl Summer has to offer. Grab your Daily Drops and read what Astrologer, Francesca Vuillemin has to say about the coming months.


Soothing, nurturing and supportive are the words that best describe the energy as the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer on June 22nd. As Venus (love & beauty) joins the North Node (destiny) in Taurus we can expect kismet relationships and connecting with our purpose and place in the world. 

Mark your calendar for July 5th when Mars (the ruler of energy and drive) will enter Taurus bringing a cool, calm and collected energy that will bring an introspective quality during the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th. Venus will join the Sun attracting relationships and partnerships that reflect our values and needs.

As we progress through July we can look forward to feeling cool, calm and collected as we strut into Leo Season on July 22nd. This New Moon on July 28th will be EXTRA special for illuminating our creativity and overall self-care rituals so that we can live our best Summer! 


CANCER – Happy Birthday! The spotlight is shining brightly on you with your first house (the house of self) being activated. You can now feel confident that what you have been working on as well as the vision you have for yourself is ready to be shared with the world. Remember that you also need to make time to pamper and nurture yourself because let’s face it, you are usually doing that for everyone else! Speaking of friends, accept those invitations to those summer soirees, because, they will bring opportunities to collaborate! The Full moon on July 13th along with Venus will illuminate your relationships and put in place healthier boundaries to protect your energy.


LEO – This is the month of clearing out your luxurious closet and looking at those excesses of the last couple of months. The planets are activating your career sector so by decluttering your life and being more introspective you will be able to make the best decision. The Full Moon in your house of health on July 13th will bring the attention to your wellbeing. Venus joins the party on July 17th, so say yes anything to do with wellness on that day. On July 22nd, the Sun enters your sign followed by a STELLAR New Moon on July 28th bringing in abundance, creativity and play.


VIRGO – July is the month to take a time out from your busy work schedule and make time to do the things you love. Your ruling planet Mercury will join the Sun in your friendship sector focusing the energy on social occasions. You can feel confident that the meticulous work you have produced gives you the permission day dream. Uranus, the cosmic mover and shaker highlights your house of travel and could very well bring opportunities in publishing. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th will bring a project to fruition in your house of creativity. 


LIBRA– This world is ready for you to launch that idea and for you to showcase your talent and expand your friendship group. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th may have you feeling like you need a change of air maybe updating/ beautifying your surroundings. Venus, your ruling planet joins your career house on July 17th making this a stellar day to win everyone over on an idea. The Stars will also bring clarity to your relationships so that you can move forward or clear the air with a family or friend. On July 19th Mercury (the ruler of communication) gives a welcome jolt of fun to the friendship sector of your chart along with Jupiter that further expands those relationships.


SCORPIO–  The stars are illuminating the communication area of your chart giving you the opportunity to go deeper thanks to the new information available. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th will continue to highlight communication and travel. The energy will support the project you are working on by giving you the opportunity to network with someone who can provide that missing piece! On July 17th Venus  may take you to a beautiful destination or bring news of a romantic relationship. Mercury who has been heavily influencing will move into your career sector on July 19th, bringing you confidence to finally disclose what you have been working on.


SAGITTARIUS– Taking action on that wellness and health routine from your New Years 2022 resolution are now being activated! July brings new  opportunities to heal and release those lifestyle habits that were overindulgent! On July 6th Mercury goes into your eighth house giving you the opportunity to reassess investments and finances. On July 17th, Venus brings peace in your relationship sector and also offers you a new partnership opportunity. On July 28th, the New Moon will be in the sign of your cosmic love (Leo) in the 9th house so expect spontaneous travel, and much deserved fun after being so disciplined.


CAPRICORN – This is the month you have been waiting for to finally RELAX and enjoy some downtime after all the work you have put in since the beginning of the year. You can also expect to meet new people who can offer support to your business ventures as well as unexpected romance! The Full Moon on in your sign on July 13th will illuminate the health area of your chart so make time for extra self care especially on that day. On July 17th, Venus, brings very good news to your finances as well as your professional and personal relationships. The New Moon will continue to amplify this energy on July 28th favoring financial investments and profitable partnerships.


AQUARIUS– Cancer season brings you one of your favorite things- inspiration/ moments of genius. Mars joins your your ruling planet, Uranus in your home sector which will shake things up by giving you the permission to let go of anything that cramps your style. On July 13th, we have a Full Moon in Leo in your twelfth house prompting you to be more introspective and zen out! On July 28th, the New Moon could ignite an existing relationship or someone new, which will support the big business venture opportunity coming to your way.


PISCES–  Creative downloads, fun and romance are very much the theme ’22 Cancer/ Summer Season. On July 5th, Mercury will illuminate your house of creativity, inspiring you to move forward on creative projects. The Full Moon in July 13th takes place in the friendship area of your chart that will offer support to the project you have been working on. Venus then joins the creative sector of your chart on July 17th bringing love, abundance and good luck. Make sure to accept that invitation especially if there is water involved! The New Moon in Leo on

July 28th brings new ideas that will further build your confidence that you are on the right track.


ARIES – Self-care and all things nourishing and healing are in the stars for you as the home/ nurturing area of your chart is being highlighted. As one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac, you are being asked to look at how much energy you have put into a project and what you are getting back. The stars are also asking you to focus your attention on your financial resources. The Full Moon on July 13th will prompt you to have that conversation with a powerful person or decide to step into a leadership role. On July 19th, Mercury goes into your fifth house highlighting romance as well as being perfect for launching or committing to a business idea.


TAURUS Beautiful energy ahead for you as Mars goes into your sign on July 5th bringing you peak health energy for the next 6 weeks! As the most practical sign of the zodiac, allow yourself to indulge yourself in day dreaming. Your ruler Venus  will highlight the relationship area of your chart on July 17th where you may decided to turn that dream into a reality! You can expect some changes in the home sector of your chart. The cosmic mover and shaker Uranus, brings unexpected changes to your environment that will better suit your chic standards.


GEMINI After a nonstop month of fun, the Stars are bringing to attention the vision you have for your future. Contracts, negotiations and deals are favored as your ruling Mercury illuminates your second house. The Full Moon on July 13th in your 8th house will offer you the opportunity to re-evaluate your investments and adjust accordingly. You will be brimming with inspiration and the stamina needed to go deeper with research that can help you in your many projects. Relationships are highlighted on the 17th of July with Venus in the communication area of your chart. Meditation will be key to balance the planetary influences so that you can be at two places at once.


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Francesca Vuillemin is an astrologer based in New York. Her approach is to empower her clients by providing a practical understanding on how to manage the strengths and challenges of these planetary influences.