Summer of Self: How To Get The Most Out of Your Products This Season

The return of summer weather brings more time spent outside and more physical activity, and with all of that come more opportunities to put your CBD products to good use! The longer days and sunny weather can be great for your mood but often lead to putting extra strain on your body and skin. We explore some common summer scenarios, and why Equilibria CBD will be your summertime go-to for a calmer, more comfortable, well-balanced season.


Increased Activity (And the Pain That Comes With It)

Summer of Self: How To Get The Most Out of Your Products This SeasonFor many, gorgeous weather means more time outside staying active, whether it’s a pickup game of volleyball, a long swim, some time on the tennis court, or just a lot of long walks to admire the life blooming all around. There’s something about the sunshine that makes us want to move, and when we move more, our bodies certainly feel the burn. This increase in demand that comes from a more active lifestyle can start to make themselves known, and many turn to CBD to support the impact of increased active movement.


Equilibria’s full-spectrum Daily Drops are one product many of our women use in their daily CBD routines. Research points to CBD as potential support around inflammation and many notice positive shifts in the quality of rest — both of which are key during the busyness and increased activity throughout the summer season. 


For a more targeted topical solution after a physically active day, our Relief Balm starts working immediately and absorbs quickly. Full-spectrum CBD, along with menthol and arnica, helps to ease the discomfort caused by sore muscles and achy joints.



Spending time out in the sun poolside, out for a walk, or just relaxing in the backyard can easily lead to one of the most common summer maladies: a sunburn. This fiery, painful condition can make you miserable, with little relief in sight. Put your topical Equilibria CBD products to work to help alleviate and calm sunburned skin.


Summer of Self: How To Get The Most Out of Your Products This SeasonTry keeping our Dynamic Roller Duo in the fridge to deliver a cool remedy to sunburned skin. With full-spectrum CBD to ease discomfort and inflammation, coconut oil to hydrate and soothe, and aromatherapeutic essential oils, the Dynamic Roller Duo will have you feeling cool and calm, even if you overdid it in the sun! 


Need to soothe a larger area? Our Relief Balm has you covered. Not just for aches and soreness, Relief Balm fresh from the fridge, with full-spectrum CBD to ease inflammation, menthol for cooling, and coconut oil for hydration, will help relieve your sun-exposed skin.


Bug Bites

Another all-too-common summer woe comes in the form of the annoying, itchy red welts that appear after a bug has decided to make a meal out of you. Keep the Calming Dynamic Roller from our Dynamic Roller Duo handy, letting the full-spectrum CBD reduce redness, and lavender and rosewood calm the itchy irritation. 


Stressed Skin

Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Certified Wellness Coach or check out this article.

With increased sun exposure, summer can really take a toll on your skin. Even in times of high humidity, skin can easily become dry, dehydrated, and irritated, with factors like air conditioning, spending time in a pool or the ocean, and more diligent sunscreen use all contributing to stressed skin. 


Equilibria’s Daily Treatment Oil hydrates and renews skin with our blend of seven highly effective ingredients. Full-spectrum CBD helps nourish and renew skin, while grapeseed oil and evening primrose provide powerful antioxidant protection against environmental damage, litsea oil clarifies oil-rich skin, organic sweet almond oil promotes cellular turnover and more. 


No matter what’s on your calendar for this summer, make sure you’re treating your body and skin right by making the most of your self-care. Equilibria CBD products help bring balance and renewal, so you can enjoy every moment of the season to its fullest.