Ultimate Guide: What to Pack in Your Beach Bag This Summer

Planning to hit the beach this summer?

Make sure you’re prepared by packing your beach bag with all the essentials you need for the ultimate day out in the sun! From beach basics to little luxuries, your well-stocked beach bag will keep you chill all day long until it’s time to pack up and head home.


Ultimate Guide: What to Pack in Your Beach Bag This SummerA roomy tote

The first thing you need for a relaxing and fun day at the beach is a beach bag that can handle all your essentials — and looks great doing it! Our limited edition “Chill Girl Summer” tote has plenty of room for everything you need and lets you carry that chill vibe with you from home to the shore and back. 


A mini-cooler

Stay chill in every sense of the word with a small cooler or insulated bag with ice packs to keep cool no matter how hot it gets out. Fill it up with your water bottle and some fresh fruit so it’s easy to stay hydrated in the hot summer sun. For a refreshing mood boost, stash our Dynamic Roller Duo in your cooler for instant relief so you can relax or reset as you kick back and enjoy getting away from it all for a while.


Ultimate Guide: What to Pack in Your Beach Bag This SummerPlenty of sunscreen

One thing you definitely don’t want to leave at home is your sunscreen! Even if you apply your facial sunscreen before you head out to the beach, make sure you’re protected all day long by reapplying periodically. When applying both body and facial sunscreen, make sure you’re using enough product, double check that you haven’t missed any spots, and be sure to reapply frequently with a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, especially after you’ve been in the water. 


Your fave beach towel

Is there anything better for a day in the sun than stretching out on a big, fluffy towel with the hottest new beach read? A generously sized beach towel has so many more uses than just drying you off. Use it as a home base for your beach setup and keep the sand at bay and off of you and your stuff, or dampen it and drape it over your shoulders as a quick way to give yourself a little bit of cooling shade when the sun is hottest. (Don’t worry — it’ll dry fast!)


Ultimate Guide: What to Pack in Your Beach Bag This Summer Chill AF Summer HatA comfy hat

A hat at the beach is more than just a fashion statement (but it can be that, too!). Protect your face as well as your hair color with a stylish, comfortable hat like our “Chill AF” baseball cap. Keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your face is a good idea not only for sun protection and eye health, but also to avoid the stress on your skin that can result from squinting into bright sunlight. Extra protection now will pay off for years down the road — your skin will thank you!


On-the-go stress relief

Ultimate Guide: What to Pack in Your Beach Bag This Summer Rapid Calming Melts

Even a laid-back day at the beach can have its stressful moments. Whether you’re feeling a bit too crowded or can’t stop thinking about work woes, take a minute to find your chill again with our Rapid Calming Melts. These discreet, fast-acting melts give you a boost of support with EQ’s premium CBD and a cool peppermint flavor. With a fast onset time and superior absorption, you’ll be back to relaxing in no time at all.

Are you ready to have a Chill Girl Summer?

EQ has everything you need so you can chill with us, from the ultimate summer playlist to everything you need to take your chill vibe on the go. Have any questions? Our Dosage Specialists provide personalized CBD education and support, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your summertime CBD routine.