5 Ways to Slow Down This Season

No matter how many things you check off your daily to-do list, life can end up being hectic and stressful at times. With a million things to do and limited time to get everything done, you might find yourself constantly on the go at top speed. Finding ways to slow down, catch your breath, and truly enjoy your day-to-day can be important for maintaining your mental and physical well-being during those times when you have more than usual going on.


5 Ways to Slow Down


1. Start your day slowly and thoughtfully


The way you begin your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. Don’t hit the ground running the moment your alarm goes off; instead, create a morning routine that allows you to ease into the day and better prepare yourself for what’s ahead. Here are some ways to slow down in the morning:


  • Use the first moments post-waking to perform some stretching exercises. Not only will this help to ease any stiffness from sleeping, but it’s a great, gentle way to get your blood flowing and make it easier to get moving.
  • Take your daily dose of Equilibria’s premium CBD oil. Many of our members find that taking their Daily Softgels in the morning along with a healthy, filling breakfast helps maintain balance and calm throughout the day.
  • Write in your journal. Spending a few moments alone with your thoughts and committing them to paper can help quiet a racing mind and focus your intentions for the day. 


2. Get comfortable saying “no”


So many of us often find ourselves overextended and overwhelmed. Between work events, family get-togethers, community projects and more, your schedule can easily end up far more packed than you’d like. Buy yourself a little breathing room by opting out of things that aren’t a priority for you. If someone asks you to take on one more thing to add to your already-packed schedule, don’t be afraid to put your own well-being first and politely decline. By setting boundaries with your time, you’ll be able to be more fully present when doing the things that are most important to you.


3. Give yourself time to wind down


Just as it’s important to start your day in the right frame of mind, taking time to slow down at the end of the day can help you stay centered and ease your frazzled mind. For relaxation, nothing beats a long soak in the tub with a good book and a relaxing bath followed by a Nightly Sleep Gummy to help drift off to sleep. 

4. Unplug for a while


It’s a gift to be able to be connected to our faraway loved ones through technology. However, we use our devices for so much more — shopping, catching up on the news, losing time to social media — and often end up spending more time in a virtual world than we do in the world immediately around us. Set aside some time each day to detach from your devices and be fully present and undistracted in the moment.


5. Get outside


Fresh air can do you a world of good and help you slow down and appreciate what’s around you. Going for a brisk walk, hanging outside or taking a hike in nature are all ways to slow down that can keep you invigorated and give you a moment of calm amidst the seemingly constant chaos.


Let Equilibria help you stay balanced and present during life’s busiest times with our premium CBD and functional wellness products. Not sure where to start? Our Member Education Team offers 1:1 support with every purchase to help you find the daily wellness routine that works best for you. Call or email to set up your consultation, and check out our Youtube page for helpful tips as you start your wellness journey.