Why Adding CBD To Your Daily Skincare Routine Will Change Your Skin

While it’s no secret that the benefits of CBD taken internally are extensive and well-known, you may be less familiar with the topical applications of CBD oil in skincare, and how introducing this new step into your skincare routine can deliver effective solutions for challenging skin conditions. 


CBD skincare has existed for quite some time, with manufacturers adding it to everything from cleansers to masques. Many of those early products, however, relied more on consumers’ familiarity with CBD rather than solid scientific evidence as to its efficacy. In addition, many mass-market CBD skincare products may contain untested CBD from unknown sources, resulting in uncertainty about the formulation, concentration, and even authenticity. 


A number of recent peer-reviewed studies have sought to examine which CBD formulations are most effective for topical applications, and which skin conditions they can address. Because of that research, we’re able to more specifically identify not just how CBD can be used in skincare, but which products work best, and how and why they’re effective. 


Why Should You Add CBD Oil to Your Skincare Routine?


Editor’s Note: Daily Treatment Oil is discontinued. For tips and tricks on how to use our other Equilibria products for skin concerns, reach out to your Certified Wellness Coach or check out this article.

With the introduction of our Daily Treatment Oil, Equilibria offers a full-spectrum topical CBD oil specially formulated to help give you hydrated, nurtured, and glowing skin with ingredients proven to address specific skin concerns. While all skin types can benefit from this multi-purpose formulation, CBD oil is found to be particularly effective in addressing the following:


1. Reduce Skin Concerns

3 reasons to add CBD to your daily skincare routineCBD has long been known for its balancing properties when taken internally, but is it as effective against issues like redness, swelling, and dry skin when used topically? Research says yes. 


In a 2019 study, patients with severe skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis applied CBD twice daily to affected areas as well as scarring resulting from previous lesions. The study found that topical treatment significantly and visibly improved areas of concern, with no reported irritation or allergic reaction. These findings are promising for those with other skin conditions, such as rosacea or eczema.


2. Protect from Environmental Aging Factors

As we age, our skin tends to be one of the first places we see the effects of time and the environment. Fine lines, loss of elasticity, discoloration, and loss of hydration are all common signs of environmental skin damage, caused by longtime exposure to the sun, air pollution, smoke, and more. 


Clinical research has found that CBD is an extremely effective antioxidant, protecting skin from environmental factors that can damage it over time. Combined with other powerful antioxidants such as grapeseed oil and evening primrose, the full-spectrum CBD in our Daily Treatment Oil helps to shield skin from the damage caused by everyday life. 


3. Treat Acne and Reduce Appearance of Pores

3 reasons to add CBD to your daily skincare routineA 2014 study from the Journal of Drug in Dermatology found that, in addition to CBD’s well-known soothing properties, it is also extremely effective at controlling oil production in the skin. This is great news for those looking to control acne breakouts, as the combination of reduced irritation and decreased sebum production means fewer breakouts and faster healing from prior breakouts.


To supercharge the effectiveness of the CBD in our Daily Treatment Oil, we add in sweet almond and litsea oils to clarify the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Used as the last step in your AM and PM skincare routine, Daily Treatment Oil heals and calms acne-prone skin. 


No matter your skin type or concerns, Daily Treatment Oil is a powerful addition to your skincare regimen. This combination of seven nourishing botanical oils will leave your skin hydrated, protected, and revitalized. And with Equilibria CBD products, you know you’re getting the highest quality CBD available that’s fully traceable and backed by solid, lab-tested science.