4 Easy Snacks to Pair With Your CBD Softgels

4 Easy Snacks to Pair With Your CBD Softgels

To maximize the effects of your Equilibria CBD, we recommend members take their Daily Softgels along with a healthy fat. Because CBD is fat-soluble and cannabinoids bind with fatty tissue in the body, a snack with healthy, plant-based fats will increase how much of the CBD your body is able to make use of. Read more

Our Dosage Team’s Favorite Bedtime Routines

Have you ever wondered what CBD routines the experts use to get a good night’s sleep? Over the past 2 years, the EQ Dosage Team has been working hard to improve the quality of rest for so many of our members, and now, we would love to share our experience with you!  Read more

How To Give Yourself a 5-step CBD Gua Sha Facial

Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, gua sha is a face and body massaging technique that can offer up plenty of benefits like decreased puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, relieve tension, and firm the skin. Read more
3 reasons to add CBD oil to your skincare routine

Why Adding CBD To Your Daily Skincare Routine Will Change Your Skin

While all skin types can benefit from this multi-purpose formulation, CBD oil is found to be particularly effective in addressing these skin concerns. Read more
4 powerful products to add CBD to your skincare routine

4 Powerful Products to Add CBD Into Your Skincare Routine

Whether you’re a CBD veteran or are just starting out, you’re probably aware of the long list of benefits ingested CBD can offer. But does it have the same effects when used in skincare? Read more
6 tips to keep your stress levels low

6 Tips To Keep Your Stress Levels Low

There is only so much the CBD itself can do to keep your stress levels low through high stress times. When it comes to managing stress and getting good sleep, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as important as following a daily, consistent CBD routine.  Read more
travel with cbd, flying with cbd, flying with cbd products

Traveling with CBD: 5 Reasons It’s a Must Have

Though even the briefest trip can be an opportunity to take a time-out from the usual stressors of daily life, it never hurts to have your go-to self-care products to ensure that you’re feeling your best while away from home. Read more
The history of women in cannabis

The History of Women In Cannabis

Let’s take some time to discover the history of women and cannabis, as well as, acknowledge a handful of the inspiring women who persisted in the face of adversity and ultimately helped develop the cannabis industry we know today. Read more

Equilibria Turns Two: Where We Started vs Where We Are Now

In celebration of our second birthday, we’re going back to the start of it all – what inspired the launch of Equilibria straight from our founders, milestones throughout the last two years, and what’s to come going into year three. Read more
How to add CBD to your fitness routine for beginners

How To Add CBD To Your Fitness Routine For Beginners

Whether you’re looking to add in more movement in your daily routine or want to improve your exercise performance and recovery, taking CBD pre and post-workout may offer several benefits. Read more