How Stress Takes a Toll on the Bodys Balance

In Times of Stress, How to Cultivate Your Sense of Calm

Whether you’re stressed by a public health crisis or the rigors of everyday life, you’ll do well to cultivate a sense of calm. Not to mention that doing your best to stay centered can keep your immune system firing on all cylinders. Read more
CBD basics for women over 65

CBD Basics for Women Over 65

Before I begin to work with any client, I ask what associations they have with cannabis. More often than not, individuals over 65 have an overall negative association with cannabis. Read more
How to Discuss Cannabis and CBD with Your Doctor

How to Discuss Cannabis and CBD with Your Doctor

You should be discussing any cannabis use, even CBD, with your doctor. For some patients, it may be very uncomfortable to share this information with their physician; however, it is an essential conversation to approach. Read more
Unwinding with CBD Vs. Alcohol

Unwinding with CBD Vs. Alcohol

Now is the time to build a new healthy after-work habit. Here’s a self-care routine to help you unwind using CBD vs alcohol that won’t leave you tired & grumpy the next morning. Read more
CBD Winter Mocktails Inspired By Our Seasonal Daily Drops

Warm Up With These Winter Mocktails Inspired By Our Seasonal Daily Drops

Winter is coming and while we may not be ready to say goodbye to fall, these cold-weather mocktails created by Laura Scherb over at Page & Plate Studio have us excited to head into the festive season. Read more
Giving Intentionally This Holiday Season

Intentional Giving This Holiday Season

This holiday season we are committed to offering you gifts that keep on giving through thoughtful gift sets and meaningful donations that do more than just say, “Happy Holidays.” Read more
Tips From A Dosage Specialist

Election Day Jitters? Try These Tips From A Dosage Specialist

Ahh 2020 — just hearing the words can evoke many feelings: stress, sadness, grief, uncertainty, or overwhelm. We know that this year has been a tough one for many, and we want you to know that you’re not alone.   Read more
Our New CBD Face and Body Oil: Daily Treatment Oil, eq oil

Daily Treatment Oil Has Arrived: Learn About Our New Face and Body Oil

Meet your new daily CBD routine…for your skin. Daily Treatment Oil is here and it’s everything you could ever want in a multipurpose oil. Read more
Autumn CBD Cocktails

Calm into Fall with these Autumn-Inspired CBD Cocktails (and Mocktails!)

Fall is a busy season of apple-picking and pumpkin-carving, and what better way to chill down with the crisp, crunchy leaves than with a perfect CBD-infused drink? Read more
Flavored CBD Oil Seasonal Flavored Daily Drops

Our Limited Edition Drops Have Landed: Learn About The Flavorful Duo

It’s official! Our new, limited-edition flavored Daily Drops are here. We’re celebrating this cozy season with two new delicious flavors: Spiced Bergamot and Cranberry Elderflower. Read more