5 Ways our CEO is Prioritizing Daily Self-Care

5 Ways our CEO is Prioritizing Daily Self-Care

As women with busy lives and so much on our plate, often the very last person to receive any nurture is, well, ourselves. Here are 5 ways to prioritize daily self-care. Read more
3 Alcohol-Free Cocktails with CBD

3 Guilt-Free (and Alcohol-Free) Cocktails to Indulge In

Professional Mixologist, Carley Gaskin shows up how to pair our decadent Indulgence Collection with Ritual Zero Proof Spirits for a cocktail treat that feels indulgent without any guilt. Read more

Week 4 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

As we start to wrap up our 30-day challenge, we hope that following your new routine over these past few weeks has shown you the power of a consistent CBD routine and has brought you closer to achieving balance. Read more

Why Topical CBD? Hear From A Cannabis Nurse

While oral consumption of CBD may be traditionally popular, CBD can be highly effective when used as a topical agent also. Newcomers may be a bit more hesitant about the consumption of CBD, but using it as a topical agent may be a great avenue to explore its beneficial qualities. Read more

Week 3 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

Week 3 is here! You’ve made it through 21 days of our challenge and we couldn’t be more proud. If you’re loving your routine we’d love to hear about your unique journey with CBD. Read more
30-Day CBD Challenge: Week 2 recap

Week 2 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

Whether you’re following along with our 30-day Challenge and need a recap, or have started on your own time, below we’ve pulled together everything you need for week 2.  Read more

FAQ’s We Receive During Support Calls

Starting a new routine can be overwhelming and you might have a ton of questions. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of the frequently asked questions we receive during dosage calls. Read more
30-Day CBD Challenge

Week 1 Recap of Our 30-Day CBD Challenge

If you’re new to the challenge- that’s ok! You can start at any time. Here, we’ve pulled together everything you need to start the first week of your 30-Day Challenge.  Read more
Skeptical about CBD?

Why Full Spectrum CBD?

While Full Spectrum CBD is not for everyone, science shows that this type of formulation is often the most effective at the lowest doses; and here at Equilibria, science is the name of the game.  Read more
Why Isnt CBD Working For Me

Why Isn’t CBD Working For Me…But It’s Working For My Friend?

CBD takes time to build up in the body and show its effects. When we’re talking with our members, we often get asked “When will CBD start working for me? I’ve tried it for a couple of nights and nothing has happened”. If this sounds like you, don’t stress!  Read more