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A woman's guide to understanding CBD and cannabis science.
Sleep for your overall quality of life

How Good Sleep Benefits Your Quality of Life

Research shows just how integral sleep is to our overall well-being. Here, we explain several ways sleep can benefit your quality of life — and how adding CBD to your routine could support your efforts to get better Z’s.

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Mint Daily Drops

Summer’s Perfect Ingredient: Mint Daily Drops

Just in time for summer, cool and refreshing Mint Daily Drops are here! These delicious drops are sure to be the perfect addition to your warm-weather cocktail and recipes. We’re excited to share some of our favorites and encourage you to play with creative ways to infuse relief into their routine this summer. 

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Taking Action, Together: Supporting Social Justice Organizations

This month at Equilibria, we are committing to raising money to support Social Justice platforms chosen by our members. To reach our goal, we are activating the help of our community and donating 15% of your Equilibria purchase to five organizations that support Black Lives. We are passionate about the below organizations and we look forward to working with them through our community’s support.

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The Case for Prioritizing Routine & Structure

How Nurturing Routine Can Help You Beat Stress & Boost Wellness

Feeling like the days are blurring and blending together or as though it’s tough to get a grasp on daily to-dos is a normal experience for many of us right now. Whether you’re missing that regular spin class or pushing a deadline in order to help your child with their schoolwork, the way you used to structure your days and weeks has likely gone out the window. 

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CBD & Sex 101: Your Guide to Achieving Balance for Greater Sexual Satisfaction

Although we all want to be living our life to the fullest, what that looks like for you is exceptionally unique and subjective. So too is fostering a fulfilling sex life. Sure, we see messaging everywhere we turn — from your favorite Netflix show to billboards to your Instagram feed — about what ideal sex is supposed to look like. But the fact is, your sexuality and experience of pleasure is yours alone. 

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It’s really easy for me to put myself last: 5 Ways our CEO is Prioritizing Daily Self-Care (even though it’s hard!)

When Marcy and I started Equilibria last year, part of the motivating factor behind this company was the opportunity to talk about balance in a direct and honest way.  Balance is really hard to achieve. But is it impossible? Are the demands of others at odds with our own needs? What’s the right sweet spot? If I take time out for myself, is that indulgent?  OR vital?  

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