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Finding your unique CBD routine is a journey. Let us guide you! We don’t believe in giving you CBD and sending you on your way — with our Dosage Support service, you can work one-on-one with an experienced cannabis professional to find your Daily Minimum, through phone and/or email.

To gain access to our exclusive Dosage Support Team, simply purchase any item from our shop page, and upon arrival of your first box you’ll be introduced to our Dosage Specialists. If you’re not yet a member, you can email [email protected] with basic questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Dosing 101

Daily Softgel: Start with one 10mg softgel after dinner. Or, if using in tandem with our Daily Drops, start with drops in the evening and take a softgel in the morning with breakfast. For either routine, repeat daily. For 25mg softgels, follow packaging instructions.

Daily Drops: Start with one full 1ml dropper (10mg) every evening. Hold under tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. Wait 15 minutes. If you don’t feel your desired effect, take another full 10mg/1ml dropper. Repeat daily. For stronger 1500mg/30ml (50mg/1ml) drops, follow packaging instructions. 

Relief Cream: This cream sinks below the skin into tissue and beyond. In addition to muscle/nerve pain, this product is commonly used by EQ members on the abdominal area for uterine/ovarian discomfort, and on the temples for headaches. Use as needed; a little goes a long way!


Heather T.


“For the first month I took the full dropper at night and a softgel in the morning. Once I had my dosage consultation, we decided to add another softgel in the afternoon to help my busy evenings. I am loving how well I am sleeping and how much better I feel during the day. This has been the answer I’ve been looking for!”

40-49 Years | Grass Lake, MI

Ann B.


“I tried the relief cream immediately at the base of my skull, where my pain originates. It worked! I was so excited to get started with my regimen. I began with a softgel in the morning and one dropperful at night. After my consultation, we switched to a softgel at night and a 1/2 dropperful in the morning and another at noon.”

50-59 Years | Tucson, AZ

Amy C.


“I have a lifetime of trouble sleeping, so starting trialing CBD to help with that, as well as chronic shoulder pain. I tried various products, and didn’t really notice an effect until Equilibria tailored the dosage to my goals. I have noticed improved sleep which is a big win!”

40-49 Years | Chicago, IL